JUDITH DAGLEY – Your SOVEREIGNTY, POWER, and MAGIC – From the Frequency Technicians of the Celestial Team – 8-14-15


Published on Aug 14, 2015

The Frequency Technicians deliver a powerful message with one precisely focused intent– to connect you with your OWN Sovereign power. Every word and every silence is encoded with vibrations that will spark that connection within you on many levels and in many ways. Never before have the Frequency Technicians transmitted directly through me, yet all of a sudden they insisted on doing so with such compelling urgency that I dropped everything and sat down in front of the camera. As you will soon see, the result is a video unlike any I’ve ever made with the celestial team. The energy is palpably intense– I do not even LOOK like myself when the Frequency Technicians come through me, for one thing! For another, their powerfully delivered encodings did interesting things to the video while it was being processed. You’ll hear sounds every so often that were not audible while filming, and the lighting is much dimmer than it actually was in the room… all of it was somehow refocused on me, alone. DO NOT MISS ANY OF IT!!! It is alive with layers and layers of encoded frequencies that will activate your OWN recognition of the sovereign power that is encoded in your DNA and is alive again! As the Frequency Technicians say, “Herein lies all you need to know.”

BRAVO and gratitude from my heart to each of you who offer a reciprocal energy exchange for what you receive from/through me by hitting the “donate” tab at http://www.thecelestialteam.com. It is your freely given support that makes it possible for me to continue to freely offer all that you receive.
Namaste and much Love/Light to You– Judith (& the celestial team, of course!)

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