Joy Passion Desire Blog – What if my partner gets really sick? – 8-15-15



If your partner gets really sick – and let ‘ s say your partner does not believe in law of attraction, vibration or how our focus attracts – What is the best thing you can do for him? First off, anything
that your partner believes is beneficial will be. If he wants to go to the doctor, going to the doctor will be of value. If he wants to take medicine, taking medicine will be of value.

When you are able to keep your calm, keep your balance even though your partner is sick or in pain, now you will be of most value. Seeing this only as temporary resistance, knowing how natural his wellness is and that it will return when he allows it will also be of value.

But you can’t think or believe for someone else. You can’t move up the emotional scale for someone else. You can only know what you know and radiate it with such alignment that if they are ready,  they will hear you. However, you can sooth the other person ‘ s resistance – you can sooth his worry and fear with your calm, with your balance, with your love. Soothing is of much value! Soothing is finding relief. Which is the first and most important step toward allowing the wellness that is natural.

As Abraham Hicks says: “Relief is the cure that all medicine is looking for“.

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