Mother’s Mini-Message, #21 – It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d Practicality – by Mother God – 8-10-15

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Mother’s Mini-Message #21: 
It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d “Practicality” 
By Mother God
Greetings, Dear Ones, it is I, Mother God, with a mini-message of encouragement and hope.
You are being asked to do a great deal now to advance your Ascension.  The first wave of the first wave is at the gates and ready to ascend.  We want all of you there with us!  I have just a few pointers for you that will ease you along to assure you of being ready.  Many of you have come up against a bit of a sticking point, and it is revealed in your questions and emails to our dear channels.  You will recognize it when I describe it to you.
At the finale of this long Earth journey, many of you have adopted a style of approaching things that you would call “practical.”  It always includes a fair amount of worry – worry that you might be duped, that you are not worthy, that you do not understand what you need to understand, that your family or your pet will not be able to ascend with you, that you cannot trust these letters predicting joy and happiness, and so forth.  You look back on your lifetime and see pain, worry and fear, and you project it forward in a flood of feelings that leaves no room for anything but more worry, and you have come to thin of this as practicality, and you are proud of being “practical” about not wanting to be hurt if the promises don’t turn out to be exactly what you expected.
Of course they won’t be exactly what you expect because you are looking for what you already know, perhaps a bit more wealth, or a bit more vacation time, but more of the same nevertheless.
I will tell you, my Dear Children, this will not create your path to Ascension.  What is coming is so much more fun than you could possibly imagine, you must learn now to “suspend judgment,” not because there is anything wrong with your abilities to judge and prepare – you are very skillful at preparing for the worst.  Now it is time for you to learn to prepare for the best!  It is a very different state of mind from your 3 dimensional stance of full alert, anticipation of danger and a repeat of miseries of the past.  Join us now in the higher dimensional Heavenly energies coming through the open Lion’s Gate and you will be amazed at how quickly you can re-condition yourself to be comfortable with the unknown because it brings abundance, joy and peace.
I am able to bring you this joyful message because of the first-wavers who have Co-created the pathway with us, by trusting in us, allowing our guidance to urge them along in their trainings in such a way that they have been able to bring themselves to a brand new way of seeing the world and understanding us. Fulfilling the Truth that you create what you think about, they have eased the way for those who will follow by what they have done.  Momentum is everything now.  Let us describe the process they have followed so you can understand what you can do to forge your own path with maximum ease.
Think deeply now about how you seek what you want.  Let us say you have been told by the Company of Heaven that there is buried treasure in your own backyard.  You get your shovel and focus intently on the ground, digging industriously all over the yard, making shallow holes, then deeper holes, congratulating yourself on your courage to follow your favorite Master’s guidance.  Your shovel does not hit any large solid object like a chest or a box of any kind.  You find only more rocks and dirt, until the day’s end when you are exhausted and frustrated, beginning to curse your own willingness to be so gullible, as you observe the expanse of holes and piles in what was once your pristine lawn.  Your neighbors will think you are crazy; your family will mock you, you think.  In despair, you trudge into your house and go upstairs to shower and feel sorry for yourself.
As the sun sets you begin to regain your composure and begin to talk with us, your Mother and Father.  You ask for understanding and for comfort, and you offer to use your experience to learn whatever you need to further your expansion. You reach for us to restore your connection and your trust, and you ask to find a way to use this experience to be of service to others.  As the lengthening rays shine across your yard you look down upon it and see glittering golden sparkles radiating light across the yard, like a thousand tiny suns beaming up at you.
In your search for “treasure” you didn’t notice the gold nuggets all around you at your feet.  Were they there all along?  Suddenly your exhaustion turns to excitement; you have struck gold!  It is all around you in such abundance that you fill bags with the precious stuff and tell your neighbors, who also discover good fortune right under their feet.  Your excitement and joy starts a “gold rush” so profitable that everyone you know begins to share their good fortune.  Street parties are arranged to host feasts, music and dancing.  Because of your generosity and foresight, your entire town celebrates the new feelings of Love, camaraderie and ease.  A great Pillar of Light emanates from your house to envelop the entire township, and the Galactic teams come to offer guidance and protection.  Arcturian teams of healers are able to ride the Light energies of your great Pillar to reach and aid all who wish assistance with healing.
Your return to trust in us and faith in goodness has created a vortex of high Light energy that beams outward, sweeping everyone along with you. You are in synchrony with the energies we are sending to you because you are in harmony with yourself, your fellow humans and with us.  You have now created a wave of Light that you and others can ride to lift yourselves into higher dimensions.  You are getting massive amounts of help from angels who protect and shore up your Pillar, grid workers above and on the ground who are anchoring your Pillar deeply into Earth.  Your Light emanates outward and upward, and we meet it by pouring Love and blessings down through it to fill your heart with joy.
In this new stance, with your feet planted firmly on Terra and your heart beating as One with ours, your life will suddenly be filled with joyful surprises large and small.  Create your wave, Beloved Ones, and we will be there with you to ride it into higher and higher dimensions.  I have given you the keys to Paradise.  You only need to use them to unlock the happiness for you and others who follow.
I am your Mother God, here with Father, lovingly cheering you on.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 10, 2015

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