Video 6-24-15… “Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System”

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Corey posted this on FB, as a rather “neat” video which illustrates what is occurring in our solar system at this time.

I’ve not linked any of the links properly, so please go to the video page to find those.

Published on Jun 24, 2015

Strange things are happening in both outer and inner space
scientists are discovering that the Solar System, the sun, and life itself are mutating in totally unprecedented ways. They are reporting changes that are being recorded in space that have never been seen before
Studies show that the Sun and the planets themselves are physically changing at
an accelerated pace. Most notably, they are undergoing major changesin their atmospheres.

Let’s begin with the Sun. The Sun is the center of our Solar System, and all life that is on this Earth came from the Sun. If there were no Sun, we would not…

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