Who Are We?

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zno5856bpA Zincite Crystal, Zinc Oxide scraped off the inside of a Zinc Smelter‘s chimney.  It’d be hard to find a more perfect Stone for Strengthening the Will to Claim Your Own Space.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

A powerful Meditation exercise is to repeat the question to oneself…

“Who is it that’s asking this question?”

One of the many indispensable pieces of Wisdom that catapulted out of the Recovery Movement in the 1980s, was the notion that…

You cannot Let Go of Feelings that are not your own.

Codependence isn’t just a Self-Betrayal, you can also get trapped inside someone else’s Karma

The boon here is that if you’ve been struggling to get out from under difficult Feelings even though you’ve been Witnessing them and Embracing them, they probably aren’t yours.  Our own Feelings – of any sort – will usually convert to…

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