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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 8, 2015

I said to St. Germaine on An Hour with an Angel Aug. 6 that everything was so quiet. And he responded that it was anything but quiet.

It’s quiet if you follow the advice of SaLuSa and others and stop reading the mainstream media. It’s quiet if you don’t watch television any more.

It’s quiet in the sense that the Company of Heaven is not saying very much right now about what they’re up to. They told us there would be a news blackout before the main show got started.

This may be the last bit of quiet that many of us will have for many years so I’m not complaining. These are the last few days or weeks when we’ll be able to simply sit and rest with ourselves, meditate, contemplate. Once the main events occur, there may be no such thing as quiet for us lightworkers.

Unless we can do the work that Jesus talked about in his gripping discussion of core issues (1) and be free of them, and returned to our original innocence, our natural state (sahaja).

And unless we can lay down for ourselves a path so crystal clear that we don’t lose ourselves and stop following it, no matter how rushed and noisy it gets outside.

Any genuine path should be capable of guiding us like that in the times ahead. I prefer the path of awareness myself but I also enjoy the path of service.

Let’s leave the latter aside for the moment and just look at the former.

Why do I choose to follow the path of awareness and why will I make it my tool in the tumultuous times that lie ahead of us?

Well, for several reasons.

One is that it allows me to maintain the most intensive, most uninterrupted access to myself of all the paths I’m aware of. I loved learning about it at Cold Mountain Institute in 1976. It was user friendly before the term was invented.

The awareness path is all about maintaining unbroken awareness of ourselves. That’s all. Just simple, bare awareness.

But what that produces! It would take a book to discuss all aspects of it.

Why should “I” be enjoyed so much as the subject of my ongoing attention? I have to relate that to the purpose of life.

The purpose of life for the One is that God should meet God in a moment of our enlightenment, in a moment of our awareness.

You see, we are God. (Oh, yes, we are.) And when we realize that truth in a moment of enlightenment, the God that we are meets … the God that we are. The two become One again. For a moment.

That God might have the pleasure of meeting Itself is why all of this was created. When many sages get that, they laugh. That’s it? That’s the simple reason why all of life was created? Yes.


So of course “I,” the God that I am, is the proper subject of study for me. My proper field of study is not you. It’s me. I’m not going to reach Self-Knowledge by studying you.

Seek the truth within. Seek for God in the heart. We’ve been told to go inward so many times to find God. That’s inward into ourselves. One cannot become a knower of God until one becomes a knower of oneself.

This isn’t the “Me” Generation, as so many accused the awareness movement of being. This is Self-Knowledge, the goal of life.

God so designed life that the more we delve into who we are, our true nature, the more rewards come our way. Bliss, love – need I say more? What more could be desired?

When I follow the awareness path, I share my noticeings with you, you share yours with me, and we compare notes. Both of us sink deeper and deeper into awareness of ourselves, not minding anyone else’s business, and we reap the rewards thererof.   Two people following the awareness path together is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever watched, as I did often at Cold Mountain. So loving, so intimate, so open.

It’s not only fun, but it’s also the most meaningful thing a person can do – maintain awareness of themselves. If we do, in a moment of our awareness, we’re liable to see ourselves, to see who we really are, our true nature.

I know of nothing more desirable than the bliss that comes from meeting ourselves at a very deep place, in a moment of realized knowledge. That moment always repays years and years of endeavor.

Oh, yes, and share what you discover. Life then becomes a learning experience, a lifelong workshop. We act and watch and report on the results of what we do, think and feel. What I discover about me and what you discover about you. It’s very simple.

Hopefully by following the path of awareness every day, I’ll be able to maintain the maximum contact possible with myself when the going gets busy.

But even if I succumb to the busy-ness and stress of it all, the attachment to the awareness path will eventually reawaken me and call me back.

What a nice place to come home to – aware adults, committed people, consciously-aware individuals. Ever more subtle, ever more gentle, ever more loving.

(Concluded tomorrow.)

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