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By Sierra Dancing Waters,


Hello, Blessings, Love and Light to all and before we begin:

It is my intention that every word that is written by me (ever) be filled to full and over flowing and charged with the Highest Purist Light of Christ Consciousness and the Ascended Masters’ Purity, Perfection, Consciousness and Love for All Life.

It is my intention that these Words of Light and this Activity of Light Uplift, Bless and Transform.

It is my intention that these Words of Light and this Activity of Light are free, forever free and are to be freely shared in the Light and Love in which they are written. Spread the Light.
So be it! It is Done!

On the heels of my last article; Blessers and Transformers:

We are merging our physical self with our spiritual nature. We are Angelic Beings of Light having a human experience. It is a gift to receive a biological vessel or ‘Temple of Light’ from your I AM Presence in order to experience a human lifetime. It is Sacred. It is a Sacred Act. It is an Honour and a Privilege to be in a human body.

When we are born, we bring with us the full remembrance of our spiritual self, we are empathic, clairaudient, clairsentient, omni-present, potent, omniscient with higher gifts, talents and skills intact and our mission in hand. Within minutes we begin the gradual process of forgetting who we are and why we came here.

A brand new baby hears and feels everything all at once in the delivery room, it is aware and overwhelmed by all the human emotion and thought it is picking up from its environment and people in its vicinity.

A brand new baby will want to shut any discord out to the degree its environment is toxic. This is one reason why some babies are peaceful and integrate easily and others do not.
Breastfeeding facilitates the grounding of a child’s spirit into Mother Earth and sets the tone for life. I AM safe, satisfied, abundant, nurtured and loved.

It is here, just hours after birth, that we begin our relationship with sugar. Baby formula around the world on average contains roughly 1 teaspoon of sugar to every 5 ounces of formula.
Sugar is an artificial chemical that is as chaotic to the human energy field as a front row seat at a heavy metal rock concert. It completely and utterly distorts and wreaks havoc with human energy fields and immediately shuts down higher intuitive abilities and gifts.
When a child consumes chemically processed sugar for the first time all the discord and unpleasant sensations from its environment are not able to be read or intuited for a time while the sugar is digested through its system. This is most likely a relief to that child.
Sugar-=Shutdown, Sugar-=Shutdown, Sugar-=Shutdown.

Hence our relationship and conditioning with sugar is born that lasts a lifetime.
At this stage of Ascension we know a lot about sugar and have been watching our sugar intake for some time.

Sugar has got to be the single most debilitating poison to the human collective.
Fluoride and Chlorine, the neural toxins put into our water supply might be a close second as it too literally scrambles brain waves and frequency.

In my session with Peggy Black’s Team, they told me that there was a spike in sugar consumption around the world right after 9/11. Further, they advised that sugar actually acted as an agent to ‘lock in’ the emotional experience. This meant that very few of the 7 billion people on the planet were able to transmute all that pain and suffering.

This conversation then caused me to realize that if the consumption of sugar ‘locked in’ the 9/11 emotional experience collectively then sugar acts as an agent to ‘lock in’ emotional experiences every time we use it.

Sugar is legalized poison as is alcohol. Anything that is not prepared by your hand will mostly likely conceal sugar.

Human sugar conditioning dictates that we crave sugar when we want to shut down our intuitive abilities and ‘tune out’.

What makes us so exhausted during our daily experiences that we want to tune out?

Entrainment and Entanglement

The human biological body is in constant interaction with its environment and others. We ENTRAIN (pull toward us electromagnetically) other matching or like energy so that we can experience what we need to learn to ultimately increase our vibration. Entraining creates experiences that act like sign posts and that give us clues as to the condition of our ‘energy signature’. The human energy signature is like a finger print and reflects back to you (like a mirror) experiences that help you grow and that tell you if you are abundant, loved, worthy, happy. That is why Earth is called the ‘Learning Planet’. This kind of learning leads to rapid soul growth. It is intense but leads to soul advancement like no other experience on any other planet.

Entrainment can create both negative and positive experiences for us to learn from.
Entanglement is a newer word that describes energetic threads of energy that look somewhat like a sticky spider web that is not ideal. Entanglement is trickier to deal with as it is lifetimes of interactions and cords, bindings and agreements that we have made over all our incarnations. Entanglement can be addressed by following I AM Decrees with ‘In the Name of the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ’. So Be It! It is Done!

The point is that we are constantly exchanging energy with everyone we encounter. During the day we both entrain with energies that are undesirable and are entangled with those whom we encounter.

It is apparent that we spend each day gathering to us (entraining) various energies and experiences that are caused by entanglement and that become the basis for learning and growth but can also catapult us into emotional overwhelm (anger, exhaustion, fear, hurt) that solicits an automatic craving for sugar in sweets, coffee, junk food or even alcohol. If the emotional overwhelm is not cleared, as you consume the sugar, the emotions that you picked up during the day that personally do not belong to you and some that do, might be ‘locked in’ until they can be cleared another time.

This then becomes a part of your energy signature!

The above speaks to every time you have found yourself angry, mad or sad without explanation or were quick to temper without provocation.

The following affirmations keep your energy clear and ground you as use them throughout the day. I have discovered that they are a one stop shop set of affirmations that will actually over time facilitate the merging of the physical self with our spiritual nature. With every use they become exponential and self-sustaining.

I recommend these affirmations before you use sugar. They will clear undesirable emotion, yours or someone else’s, and prevent you from locking in an emotion that you do not choose.

I AM fully embodied.

I AM anchored to this planet and I AM connected to Divine Source.

All energy that personally does not belong to me I send it back Blessed and Transformed.
All energy that I have sent forth I call back Blessed and Transformed and Integrate with Grace and Ease.

It is my intention that my energy Uplift and Bless everyone I encounter.

Peggy Black ‘The Team’

Adding to the above affirmations: In the Name of the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ. So Be It! It is Done! will address the specific nature of entanglement.

To recap, sugar is not only chaotic and disruptive to our biological vessel it also has the ability to ‘lock in’ unwanted emotion that will have to be cleared at another time and that becomes a part of your energy signature until you do.

These articles speak to practical information and practical tools that address a changing energetic world. As Lightworkers we have so much combined skill and information, we could all be writing blogs and sharing information about our day to day practices and experiences. Someone out there needs to know!

Love, love, love
Sierra Dancing Waters


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