Jennifer Deisher – The Pruning Tree and the Stone – Healing the Hijacked Brain – 8-8-15

ee6dbfd76fbc21fa177f21a9edb8ae68Jennifer Deisher   –   The Pruning Tree and the Stone   –   Healing the Hijacked Brain   –   8-8-15

The hijacking of the fear-based brain is the foundation for many of our rooted beliefs and perceptions.

We have to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, so psychology and biology play a compelling part in our behavior and reactions to certain stimulation.

By having an awareness of how the hijacked brain works and learning how to heal and recover these sensitive “fear-based” areas, we deepen our awareness of our own evolution.

There is an area of the brain known as the Amygdala(e) which can be described as the “kidneys”, or emotional filtering center, in the brain. Indeed, part of the healing process is an awareness of how we filter emotion and emotional information.

Our society is inherently based on producing fear, stress, addiction, and trauma via our manufactured systems of energy, governance, healthcare, agriculture, education, religion, and finance (just to name a few).

There is also a term used in psychology known as an “Amygdala hijacking” which is described as “emotional responses from people, which are immediate and overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat.” (1)

In this case, I want to talk about what happens when the hijacking becomes a permanent situation, and how we can begin to heal from our own worst fears and nightmares. Much of this has to do with biology and our “fight or flight” reactions, but we also need to understand how our environment plays a role in stimulating the fear-based brain.

Once we begin to make peace with our own fear triggers we can begin to clear and purify the damage, or clean the filter of the brain that reacts to this stimulation. The clogged “fear filter” of the brain can cause biological build-up; which may result in depression, anxiety, addiction, substance abuse, anger, tension, guilt, shame and apathy (just to name a few).

The problem with the cold and heavy emotion of fear is that fear itself also has “consciousness”, depending on how we filter it through our psyche and our bodies, including the physical body. We subconsciously hold onto fear and use it to fuel our addictions, anxiety, depression, and tension in general, especially as we hold tension in our physical (cellular) body.

We have to learn to “objectify” our fears by understanding that fear has its use to warn us of impending danger – such as fire or walking out in front of a moving vehicle. It’s important to recognize that we’ve learned to live with an elevation of this natural emotion due to outside manipulations.

When we go against Natural Law, intentionally or otherwise, we create emotional imbalances, which are consequences of the individual and collective “fear hijacking”. We were never meant to (really) live in such “dark” (imbalanced) energy; and as it consumes us, it also consumes our planet; our Mother.

We live in an electromagnetic universe and our imbalanced emotions are a huge part of the chaos we see all around us. In short, it’s our responsibility to clean up our own “energetic” mess!

If we look at the biology of our unresolved “fight or flight” dilemma, and call it “consequences”, then we can count the emotional clearing as cleaning up our own energetic mess. It’s a confronting process and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but we all have this responsibility to ourSelf, each other, and Planet Earth.

It doesn’t matter why we have this fear, or who is responsible, only that we go about cleaning it up for our own well-being, happiness, and the embodiment of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical journey.

The Pet Stone

petstoneBeneath the resentment, anger, bargaining, apathy, cynicism, and shame is where you will find the stone of fear. The stone is the piece of us that only knows one thing, and it’s a piece of us that is inherent in our biology, the biology that we can’t take with us in our evolution.

The stone of fear comes from what we call “survival mode” or the “fight or flight” reaction, releasing hormones that cause us to feel frozen, panicky, depressed, anxious, and (eventually) overwhelmed if they are not released the proper way.

We have created all kinds of rooted patterns based on the presence of the stone of fear. The stone is hardened and calcified. It hides, it doesn’t play well with others, and it would rather not be seen, heard, or noticed – unless it’s enraged that is.

The stone of fear is like the child who was told to “be seen and not heard” and who was taught to stand rigid in “time out” – the child who is always afraid of getting hurt so it stops participating in life, playing it safe so as not to find what its soul is truly looking for.

It doesn’t want to leave or let go, so it’s a process of gently nurturing and massaging it until it gives way from a grossly distorted and unyielding object to a childlike innocence and wonder, bringing gifts of magical proportions.

Just because we confront our fear of being alone, [of] death, or (insert your brand of poison here), doesn’t mean that we’re going to have to walk in that experience!  It only means that we’ve faced the root of the fear at its source instead of band-aiding our traumatic and unreleased, imbalanced experiences.

Our trauma and shadowy experiences tend to hold on for a reason, so it’s a profound and healing journey to get to the root of our actions and reactions. We know that fear holds consciousness in the form of our “ego” or lower mind, but Love holds consciousness too. Love holds Light and connects us to the unified field of consciousness, or the consciousness of “God”. Love transcends time, dimension, space, and gravity. Love shines Light on the stone of fear and it’s our greatest weapon in taming it.

The Pruning Tree

pruningtreeThe Tree of Life is a universal library of information and connects us to the “unified field of Consciousness”. Known throughout time, culture, and religion, it’s also been known as The Book of Life, The Akashic Record, The Cosmic Mind, or the Unified Field of Consciousness.

For all intents and purposes, we all have access to our own Tree of Life and its library. Our bodies are an intricate design of brilliant architecture and nothing is by accident.

When we think of our psyche, experiences and “traumas” as being the very bottom of the proverbial iceberg, we can also begin to imagine that we (and our human bodies) are the key to reaching these depths (with caution).

What’s chronically hidden beneath the roots of our own tree is a deeply motivating force beneath our experiences, including dis-ease of the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical “bodies”.

If we can build an understanding of fear in its many faces we can begin to undo the cellular damage caused by our subconscious, biological reactions to fear.

It’s something that we have to look for in order to find; but when we do, we can begin to change the turbulence in our ocean and at the tip of the iceberg; the “tip of the iceberg” being the personas we embody in the “real world”, depending on who we are interacting with, and the ocean being our experiences.

We cannot Love ourselves truly if we are in judgment or conflict with Self. The Universe is a giant mirror, so when we find ourselves “at odds” with others, chances are it’s also profoundly reflecting something back that requires our attention for healing.

Our inner voice is always there if we choose to listen, but listening is also learning to quiet the blocks created by the unprocessed fear that needs clearing in the first place. The “catch” is also the chase. When we (finally) emotionally connect with the stone, there will be a clash of energy and the base emotion of grief until we find a place of fearless Acceptance.

When energy moves, we need a replacement, or we tend to go back to our fearful patterns. The Earth will heal us if we let her, and we need an outlet for each of our “bodies”.  A Gratitude practice, meditation, or journal (or a combination thereof) are great ways to begin to appreciate the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical “bodies”.

We are, in truth, growing our own Garden of Eden from withIN. Where we find resistance is where we need to nurture ourselves and our perspectives with more loving intention. However, inside our DNA is all of the genetic knowledge that has accumulated over all of our respective lifetimes, both individually and as a collective.

We must learn to live and abide by Natural and Universal Law, as opposed to falling “victim” to the system that hijacked us in the first place. The system will fail because it wasn’t created according to the Natural Laws of Creation. But, we are also spiritual beings having a human experience, which requires we face the effects of our “energetic mess”.

Everything in this journey is a process. We have to give ourselves permission to be happy, prosperous, healthy, and whole. Only by allowing ourselves permission to truly heal will we be able to interact with our own (energetic) “mess” in an objective way.

We all have everything we need withIN ~ all of the Love and all of the Wisdom. The Earth is Ancient and our DNA is Ancient, filled with the knowledge of the Universe. There is an answer to every question and a cure for every dis-ease when we connect with The Tree of Life and begin to care for it by learning to care for ourselves in deeper and deeper ways.

Listen to the wisdom and embrace the beautiful gift of being human in all its emotional complexities ~ from stone to rock to water. We are Evergreen, after all!

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.