The Master’s Class. Good Question #2, Lion’s Gate #888

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

 How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

My answer to that one will stretch through several posts, undoubtedly, and will require laser focus on my part to distill into only several, at that. And that is because our internal technology is SO incredibly powerful, SO exquisitely finely tuned in its complexity that it is hard to describe. An analogy will do it, however… Just as a tree draws water  through every branch and into every leaf, so we run our core beliefs through every aspect of their expressions in our lives.

In this particular moment, the best, most useful thing I can do is address the core of the enslavement program, itself. I’ll begin by quoting a segment…

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