An Hour With An Angel with St. Germaine – State Of The World – Channeler Linda Dillon – Interviewer Steve Beckow – 8-5-15

germaine92An Hour With An Angel with St. Germaine   –   8-5-15



August 6, 2015 ~ This week on An Hour with an Angel, we asked St. Germaine to give us a state of the world address, a wrap-up of how things were developing with curtailing social violence, dismantling the Illuminati economy, cleansing the banks, liberating the media, etc.

St. Germaine went down in history as the “unknown professor,” whose rousing speech pushed the delegates to risk their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence, has a special interest in the American experiment in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (1)

He discussed how thousands of those who served the darkness are being contained, many choosing to leave the planet rather than make the transition to the Light. He said that it wasn’t so much a case of the media being liberated as it was of the alternative media utterly replacing the existing media.

He discussed one contribution that the galactics have made which we could never have made ourselves and which saved the world: the elimination of depleted uranium, after several wars in which the dark dispersed gas clouds of it into the air. Dr. Rosalie Bertelle once called the existence of depleted uranium in the air a surefire invitation to “omnicide.”

He said the reference to the right to bear arms in the American Constitution was never intended to justify carrying arms and harming your neighbor.

St. Germaine is known to the world as an alchemist, musician, and diplomat, and also as the founder of secret spiritual fellowships and schools like the Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

He inspired the novel, The Scarlet Pimpernel. He inspired Robert Watt to create the steamboat engine, George Stephenson to create the locomotive, and Mesmer to create hypnosis. He is the Keeper of the violet flame and the master of the “I AM Presence.”

(1) “The Mysterious Rosicrucian who was the Father of the American Republic,” at Reproduced in today’s blogroll.

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