Linda Dillon – The Forms of Intergalactic Language – 8-2-15

 Galactic Alphabet

Linda Dillon   –   The Forms of Intergalactic Language   –   8-2-15

It has often been wisely stated that we are divine having a human experience. I am also an inter-galactic having a human experience, and, it is from that perspective that I wish to share with you. I will endeavor to not make this an opus but rather the opening of a conversation, intended to engage.

Language is a precious gift. While there are so many forms of communication the ability to communicate via spoken and written word, which implies and always includes intent, is sacred. We have many terms and forms of language and are aware of which forms we use in what situations.

Some years ago we shared with you the language of Perro, which is the language of communicating in non-emotional terms information – often what you think of as facts. This language of neutrality was developed in order for many different cultures, histories and values to be able to communicate after the inter-galactic wars. Prior to the development of Perro negotiations and simple inter-planetary conversation was so value-laden and emotionally charged that the establishment of common ground was not possible. Perro was developed as a tool not only to find a road to peace but survival. Since that time it has been refined and has great use, even on board our ships when personal differences can cause tension and resolution needs to be achieved for the peaceful co-existence of all on board.


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