Hugh-Man – 5D Shift Is Already Happening – 7-16-15


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.,  Editor,


According to contactee, ‘Hugh-Man’ the shift into 5D is already happening.  Hugh says we can expect to move in and out of this dimension, as evidenced by his testimony.

In regard to the mysterious sounds people are hearing all over this planet, Hugh confirmed with his extraterrestrial sources that ,”This is Mother Earth breaking free from the 3rd dimension. Because of all of the light beaming toward Earth, it is literally raising every part of Mother Earth and every being living on it.  It’s sort of like a song of freedom, of joy, of moving up (in dimension) for Mother Earth.”

Interestingly, Dr. Simon Atkins described the trumpet sounds as the dimensions merging together.

I am somewhat skeptical of the Yeshua/Jesus/Ascended Masters part of the interview, but use your own discernment.

Here is the uploader’s description:

Graham Dewyea interviews “The Hugh-Man” on Our Galactic Family.

My guest this week is the “Hugh-Man from Venus,” where in his first public interview ever, he will talk about his work with a team of Pleiadians who are part of the First Contact team of extraterrestrials who will make themselves known on earth.

As one of many serving on the Ground Crew on the planet, he will discuss his role, and some of the plans that are in place to introduce our star family to people on earth, including how they will be showcasing their ships, and the free-energy technology they will share, including wheel-less, anti-gravity vehicles, and personal communication devices with holographic imagery.

He’ll talk about the mothership, The Neptune, and that people have visited it recently, but visits are on hold due to the fleets’ high alert status.

We’ll discuss switching from 3rd to 5th dimension, and moving from a carbon-based body to a fully DNA activated, crystalline, youthful body. We’ll also talk about Atlantis, the Anunnaki, the abundance programs, him meeting Jesus, and more.

And here is the transcript:

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to Our Galactic Family. I’m Graham Dewyea. My guest today is Hugh, or the Hugh-man. Hugh lives in the US, is a retired education administrator, and works for the team of Pleiadeans who are part of the First Contact team of extraterrestrials who will make themselves known here on Earth.

In his first public interview ever, Hugh shares that he is one of the many serving on the ground crew here on Earth to help facilitate first contact, and comes on the show today to discuss his role and the technology he will help them introduce. Welcome to the show.

Hugh: Hey, Graham! Thanks for having me.

GD: It’s good to have you. I know you want to talk today about some of the technology you are helping our star brothers and sisters roll out into the world, and what they’ll be doing to help the planet get more familiar with them through first contact.

But first, if you would, please share a little bit about yourself, how you first became aware of your galactic connection, and your work with the Pleiadians. And I should preface this by saying that—and this is for our listeners—that soon you’ll be coming much more public, but for right now you’d like to simply be known as Hugh, or the Hugh-man.

H: Yes. I’m in my late sixties. From the time I was about four or five, I always had this feeling like, you know, like I was the odd guy out. Well, years later, in the first conversations I had with a woman from Vulcan … shades of Star Trek … Vulcan is a planet in our solar system, very close, but it’s cloaked―probably the best I can recall, it started in the mid-eighties and it went on for about, I don’t know, 18 years, or something like this.

The first conversation I’m having with her, she said, “Well, Hugh, you know you’re not from Earth.” Say what? What do you mean, I’m not from Earth? I’ve got a birth certificate. My oldest sister―I was fifth―she said, remember, kiddo, I changed your diapers. She said, “Well, your body was born here, but your soul…you’re a Venusian.”

GD: From Venus?

H: Yeah, from Venus.

GD: And how did you make that first connection with your counterpart?

H: Through some spiritual teachers that I met. What’s that saying?  When the student’s ready, the teacher appears? And through them, I was able to make … at the time I called it … the interplanetary communication network, and I was able to speak, oh, about once a month, sometimes a couple of times, but about once a month for 15, 18 years, with a star woman from Vulcan, 7th dimension, very highly evolved, and they helped me to understand…. And by the late ’80s in a conversation―

GD: This is through a channel?

H: Yes. That one was. Through the late ’80s, she said, “Well, Hugh, you’re much more intuitive and you’re much more aware than you realize.” And, you know, I thought I was fairly intuitive, because people at the university would come up to me, and they were always asking me questions. They were asking me my advice.

And I would sort of pause and think and, you know…. The thoughts that came to mind, I would show them their answer, answer their question or whatever. So it was…I was much more aware at an earlier age than what I realized—call it very advanced intuition? It was…as I started joking a few years later, it was the beginning of my, what I call ‘mental telephone’. Earth people call it mental telepathy.

GD: This is where you were tapping into Source or spirit or….

H: Either Source or guides or she … it would be inappropriate for me to mention the Vulcan woman’s name … they would communicate with me telepathically, by thought. Except at the time I didn’t realize what was happening. Until a few years later, you know, I understood the process. And I started joking about it as being my mental telephone. All right? And, of course, they have worked with me over the years to develop it even more.


And more recently I’ve opened more—I now get messages, I call it the intergalactic communication network. You know, I get on the phone, and I speak with two friends from the Pleiades, a woman and a man. Both of their names begin with the letter “z”; I cannot identify their names now. They will be among the first of the star people who will be on worldwide television.

Now, many people from the Pleiades, their names begin with the letter “z”, so there could be more than two people whose names begin with the letter “z,” but there’ll be at least two who’ll be on television….

GD: Now, you know their names.

H: Oh, yes, I know them…. But, but….

GD: It’s just not time to share them.

H: No, it’s inappropriate for me to share. But they will be on television. He showed himself to me when I was traveling out in South Dakota, in the area of the Black Hills. Early, mid-September? Looks like a person—jeans, sport kind of shirt, showed himself to me for five, six seconds, blanked in and out, flickered in and out. Look, I had been asking them, you know, “Why don’t you show yourself to me? Why don’t you show yourself to me?” And so he did then, and then probably within a week or two later, here at my house, she flickered in and out.

Now, they could walk down the street, and unless you were very intuitive, you couldn’t tell the difference.

GD: The alien race is very similar to humans here on Earth.

H: Yes, yes. Which is why they have the largest number of people who look like Earth people. And so—what did she say, oh, a month or so ago? I go to ask, and I said, well, you know, like, there’s a lot of Pleiadean souls here, star souls, star seeds, and, as I’ve crossed paths with people, where they’re from, I joked with them—I said, this is like an alien invasion from the Pleiades! There’s like a giga-bazillion here! Well, you know, [unintelligible]… She said, “Well, we got first dibs because we are the closest constellation with the largest billions of people who look Earth-like.”

GD: Now, when you’re in communications with them, and maybe when this first started, how do you know that you’re receiving communications telepathically from another entity versus your own imagination? What’s the distinction for that? I bring it up because more people are becoming aware and accessing their gifts in this area, and it’d be helpful to know how that works for you.

H: Right now, it’s opening more. And some days I just have to shut it down, because I’m walking literally sometimes in 5th dimension and sometimes in 3rd dimension because I’ve got to deal with 3rd dimension things, people, situations. Sometimes I just shut it down because I open up and thoughts come in, ideas come in from everywhere.

Having spoken with them on the phone, directly, I’ve learned when it is their thoughts, their energy. In speaking with them directly on the phone, the first thing you notice is they just radiate…effervesce love. You just—you hear, I feel the energy, I just know it, the love energy. The highest love, pure love, it’s a certain frequency, a certain energy. And so, I just know.

Souls communicate telepathically, alright? And all knowledge is within, alright? The soul. The part of God, the Creator, the Great Spirit. Because of the training that I was taken through for that 15-18 years with the Vulcan woman, the eyes are the window to the soul, I can be in a supermarket, I can be on a hiking trail, I can be wherever, and the first contact with people, eye contact, it’s like, “Hi, Hugh. I’m an old soul! Good to see you again!”

But even of recent years, I can make a phone call to order something out of a mail order catalog, and the person answering the phone, I can tell by the vibration of the voice, a picture between you and me, like there’s a straight line now, right? We’re talking in the physical realm. Picture a rainbow between you and I. Souls communicate telepathically by thought. Thousands of miles apart make nothing, it’s instant.

So that part of how I know. But anyway, your question.

GD: Well, you answered it. And so, I appreciate that. The next question I have that’s tied to that is, when you first came here just short of seven years ago, and when we talked before the interview you used the term “star soul,” oftentimes people refer to star seeds, but there weren’t many around then.

H: Oh! One of the earliest conversations back in the mid-late-eighties, I had with the Vulcan woman, cause I always felt like, literally, the odd guy out. All the way, elementary school through high school through college. And one day I said, “Well, you know, when I was born in the early 40s, how many star souls, star seeds, how many of us were on the planet?” And she said, like, 1800. One thousand eight hundred—this is in the early forties. No wonder! I was like, what am I doing on this planet? I don’t understand, you know.

That, and my last lifetime I was a Buddhist monk in the monastery in Lhasa, in Tibet. L H A S A? I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correct. And, you know…. Writing English? I mean, I struggled with English all the way through first couple of years of the university.  I was a terrible reader, couldn’t write very well…adequate enough to get into the university, but my last language, from the last lifetime in Tibet, and it was only a short time after I left that that I incarnated in this lifetime.

GD: Now, one of the things that we’ve been learning is that beings from other dimensions or extraterrestrials, it’s difficult for them to present themselves physically in this plane. They do it, and they do it often, but the vibrational level here on Earth is much lower than what they’re used to.

H: Right.

GD: So, they have a much easier time working with us either on their ships or communicating with us telepathically or through a channel, in dreams, or special special accommodations or made available to them here.

H: Right.

GD: Oftentimes, not all the time, our physical experience of them in our conscious state is fairly quick, and that sounds like what you’ve been experiencing.

H: Well, I’m going to relate an experience just, oh, a couple or three weeks ago, when I was in…a park near my home. I’m at an overlook place, beautiful view, and this car pulls up, a black couple, couple of mid-twenties daughters, and I’m always saying hi to people, where you from, wherever, and they were from somewhere down South, and the wife and the two daughters go up to an overlook to get some pictures, and I start chatting with this guy. He identifies himself as 63 years old, third grade education. And I’m looking at him and I see a guy that looked older than 63, because he’s had a rough life, and half his teeth are missing, right?

So we’re chatting, 10 minutes or so, and I go, okay, well, so I start to get in my car, and he says, “What’s your name?” So I turn around to shake his hand, and I’m looking at his face, and he looks like he’s 28, 30, with a perfect set of teeth!

And so, you know, I was like, did I just see what I saw? I get in the car, I sit down, and I look at him, and this 63 year-old guy is bounding up steps to an overlook. And I say, wait a minute, no. What’s going on here?


I mean, everything looks the same. Well, a few days later, I activate the intergalactic communication network, and I’m talking with her, the woman of the two, and I said, “What went on up at this place?” She said, “You began the conversation in 3rd dimension, you finished it in 5th dimension. Everything looked the same, the physical setting— the mountains—but both of you briefly jumped to the 5th dimension.”

GD: Uh hunh.

H: All right?

GD: Interesting.

H: And she said, “As it gets closer to things, and as the year goes on, this is going to happen more and more, it’s going to be regular. You’re going to start conversations with people, and you’re going to see their 3rd dimension”—I call it a Model T body—“carbon-based cell,” and as she joked one day, “We consider Earth foods sort of like fossil fuel.”

’Cause, you know, they’re living off of light. You know, they’re just absorbing light, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. She said, basically, you know, you’re walking in two worlds right now.

GD: You’re speaking to the transition that we’re experiencing this year, as the vibrational state of the Earth expands and all those who are on it, all beings….

H: Well, one of the things recently I asked her about, these sounds that people are hearing all over, you know, different countries, vibrating, humming kind of sounds?

GD: Um-hmm?

H: She said this is Mother Earth, the mountains, the trees, all the animals, it is like Mother Earth breaking free from 3rd dimension as, because all the light that is being beamed toward Earth, it’s literally raising every part of Mother Earth and every being living on it.

And so it’s sort of like a song of freedom, of joy, of moving up for Mother Earth. That’s what those sounds are.

GD: One of the things you learned from the team that you work with is that they have a technology where they’re able to video-record events here on Earth. Can you speak a little bit to that? And how that has implications with the cabal and what’s happening with the transitions on Earth?

H: Okay. From their ships up there, their—consider it TV camera. They can see into any room in any building on the planet, through roofs, through ceilings, into the—what the Pentagon thinks are their most safe rooms, where nobody can listen. Their technology, they can see into and record the converse—and have been recording the conversations from the underground military bunkers. There’s no place that they can hide that we don’t know. All right?

Because they can see all these people, and their guides and guardian angels that are there with them and communicating telepathically with them, let’s say an underground bunker, or a Pentagon, or a pharmaceutical office, you know, where they’re thinking— they’re talking behind closed doors? Their guardian angels, their guides are communicating with the people on the shifts.

GD: And they have an archive of all… they have an archive of all this?

H: They have an archive of the history of the Earth. And these are some of the things—the true history, the accurate history, video, high def, which will start to be revealed….

GD: Sounds like the Akashic Records in a—maybe in a different form, but certainly similar.

H: You know, it could be coming from Akashic. But because of my role and what’s about to unfold, cosmic candid camera, that new TV program this spring, and the space amusement parks, from a ship up there, when I’m out on the hiking trail, when I’m driving, when I’m in a supermarket, all my meetings, all my conversations with people are being recorded on a ship. And guess who’s going to be on cosmic candid camera this summer? This spring, summer and fall? Everybody I’m meeting! Alright?

GD: Yeah. Yeah.

H: She said, “We know that the people of the United States, the Earth people, they love reality shows, TV shows.” She said, “They’re addicted to them,” alright? And so, we’re, we’re going to have fun, and introduce ourself, with this cosmic candid camera. It’s going to be…the studio is on one of the communication ships. That’s where I’ll be working from, when it is broadcast.

GD: And for our listeners, I know that you get around a lot, and you can really enjoy meeting people and what you do and how you get around, you’re meeting people all over the globe. And so conversations that you’re having, and you’re speaking about what’s happening in the world. You’re talking about our star brothers and sisters. And so this is all feeding into what you’re talking about with this reality TV show.

H: Since the first of August, I have travelled through 26 states, and I have between my vehicle and my white horse —

GD: Your motorcycle.

H: Yeah. 37,000 miles since August.

GD: Wow. Wow.

H: You know, national parks, state parks, waterfall, hiking trails. You know, I get off the interstate exit ramps, and there’ll be like four mini-mart gas stations, alright?  I could go to any one, and they sort of like telepathically guide me into the one, the clerk working at the counter, oh, since the mid-eighties I’ve jokingly referred to us as space cadets. You know, the star souls, the star seeds are, [ ????? ] in fact, after a year or so, this Vulcan woman I was talking about, I was asking about somebody, if they were a starseeds, so she said, “Well, yes, Hugh. He’s a space cadet.”

GD: And you can pick right up on that just by experiencing their energy, their vibration?

H: The Pleiadeans, because they have a different energy than what I was used to… I’m becoming more aware of the Pleiadean energy.

GD: I mean just people here on Earth, star seeds or star souls on Earth. You can recognize that right away?

H: Either by voice, or if I see them in person, that first eye contact, at the first eye contact, it’s like that rainbow from them to me is activated, because all knowledge is within. Their soul knows what I know and what I’m aware of. And so it’s a, hi, how are you? It’s good to see you. I’m one of them. We’re going to be meeting, you know, two months, six months, ten years, fifteen years down the road, and they’re going to remember who I am.

GD: Um-hmm, um-hmm. Interesting. We’re starting to get into the role that you’ve been asked to assume. And you’re willing to do this, certainly, and the idea, the way I, the way you described it to me and the way I picture it is that you’re an ambassador of sorts, and our star brothers and sisters are our family. They come in peace. They want to help us. They want this reunion to be a joyous, celebratory time, an educational time.

And one way of doing that, to help bridge that, is to use someone like you who comes across as a really nice older man, of great humor, likes people, and you have all of these wonderful conversations about the stuff that we’re talking about tonight. And so the idea with this show, cosmic candid camera, is that people will be sitting in their homes, and all of a sudden they’ll be seeing, oh, wow, that—that was me! I was talking with that guy. Right? Is that the idea?

H: There’ll be a split TV screen, and they’ll see me and…with some other star people, interviewers, on the ship in the studio, and split screen, say, now we’re going to go to Oshkosh or wherever, alright? And on the other half of the screen is going to be some family or couple or whatever sitting in their living room watching cosmic candid camera, and they’ll be jumping up and down, you know, like, that’s us!

And then we’ll maybe split the screen in thirds, and they’ll see where they met me—a hiking trail, a supermarket … And they’re going to be reminded where, and maybe even a little—listen to a little bit of the conversation we had.

The technology is just… it’s mind boggling. That’s all I can say!

GD: But you’re clearly going to be assuming a much more public role. I know one of the things that you really wanted to talk about, and this is all in the spirit of getting people more acclimated, or familiar with our galactic family, and one big piece of that is as you assume a public role you’re going to be out in the media…. And one of the things that caught my attention was as you’re experiencing transitions, you’re going to be assuming a much younger form.

H: A few months ago, I was at a get-together with a bunch of other old, interesting souls. And one morning I’m laying in bed meditating, my eyes closed, and…guess who shows himself to me? Yeshua. Jesus. I’m like, the guy looks like he’s 25, 27, and he’s 2,000 years old, you know?

GD: Yeah.

H: And then about 20 minutes, a half hour later, I’m still laying there meditating, the eye of the mind, I’m shown my face with a crystalline, perfect health—I look like I’m 26. Actually, I think I look better in my new—as my friend said, she said, “In your new and improved body.” I mean, I looked like I’m 26.

So the following week or so, I’m talking with her direct—you know, on the phone, I said, well, when I saw what I thought was Yeshua, I asked, you know, “Who are you,” telepathically. “Jesus, Yeshua.” Wow! And so when I spoke with… direct phone, I said, “Was that Yeshua who showed himself to me, you know, like a week or so ago?” “Yes.” We have an agreement that he and I will walk and work together in this lifetime, because…

GD: Oh, wow.

H: …because of my lifetime… I can only say 2,000 years ago, I cannot identify who I was or what I was doing. But because of that lifetime, she said, “You have a pre-life agreement that you will walk and work together with him, on Earth for the first time,” because we’ve worked together on other planets. But… I said, whoa! And then I said, “Was that my new and improved body,” you know, “that I saw like 20 minutes, a half hour later in the vision?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “Well.”

And—oh! I wear glasses. That vision I was shown of me, my crystalline based, perfect healthy body, I wasn’t wearing glasses. She said, “Well, you won’t have to because you’ll have perfect vision.”

GD: Yeah.

H: She says, “If you want to wear glasses, you can as a fashion statement.” I said, “Well, everybody who knows me knows that I’ve always worn glasses, so you’re going to have to come up with a pair of glasses that are just plain glasses so that, you know, I can wear glasses that, you know, at least for a year or two until people…” You know. And then after a while I’ll start taking them off so people get used to seeing me without. But I said, I’m, you know, I’m going to need a pair of glasses, because, that’s how people expect to see the Hugh-man.

GD: You were saying something that I don’t want to skip over or gloss over.  This idea of working with Jesus. And, and I suspect, for some listeners, that’s quite a statement. And at the same time, one of the things that we’ve been learning is that our ascended masters, our beings from higher realms, other dimensions, I mean, this is really a gathering of all kinds of races and a larger universal presence. And, as the Earth ascends and increases its vibrations and the beings on it, we’re going to have much more communication. It’s not going to be so removed as we experience it in this current illusion.

H: I saw a list, oh, six months, a year ago—I have so much happening, I can’t remember—of about 20 ascended masters. Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed,  Krishna, Djwal Khul, on and on —I may not even remember all of them. There’s 20, 25 ascended masters who are like Jesus who will be coming back, working with the people of that culture in which they…they served, let’s put it that way.

And, yeah, I’ve been telling people for a year, year and a half, when you meet Jesus, he’s got a great sense of humor!

GD: Yeah. Yeah. Higher dimensional beings do.

H: And after that vision, when you see him, he looks like he’s 25, 26, and he’s 2,000 years old! People see me, and they don’t think I’m late sixties. Say, well, geez, you know, you look like you’re fifty, you know. Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing! Well, thank you, I said. Wait till you see me in a few more months!

GD: And that’s what I wanted to touch upon. You’ll be introduced to the media, and you’ll be talking, and talking about your experiences and really serving as a liaison and an educator, and within a very short period of time there’s going to be a lot of information disseminated. But during that transition, you’re going to be showing what the new human form will look like. And so you’ll be assuming a younger form, you’ll be sharing the gifts that you will have achieved again, and the universal knowledge that you knew before you incarnated here. And so you’ll be demonstrating that.

H: For two or three weeks, and… I’m going to be on interview, TV interviews, all the major networks, and many local affiliates, I mean, as you can…. After the first interview, I said, “My phone’s going to be ringing off the hook?” “Yes, it’ll be ringing off the hook, but you’ll have some assistance in calling.” And I said, “I think I’m going to get an unlisted number?” “Yes, we’ll have that for you.”

But I will be interviewed on all the major networks, for two, three, maybe four weeks, and people will see me as people know me, with a sixty, late sixty-year-old body. The next day I’ll be on a television program, and there’ll…being interviewed, and guess what, they’re going to see somebody who looks like they’re 26 years old. And, I’ll say, “Well, look, you know, like Jesus said, these miracles I do, these works, these things I do, you shall do and greater things you shall do,” you know. Hey, I was born here on Earth, got an Earth body. If I’m able to do it, anybody’s able to do it.

Everybody who wants to move up, shift, jump, ascend, the information shortly is going to be explained how to do it. Everybody will have the opportunity. Will everybody take the opportunity? Probably not. But they, my friends, think that the great majority will, but there will be some who, for a variety of reasons are very happy in 3rd dimension, and they’ll continue on another planet in 3rd dimension. Some are going somewhere else…

GD: One of the things that you’ll be doing—and again, the idea is that our galactic family, they want us to be celebratory, and they want this to be fun, certainly a time of educating and raising awareness. Talk about the amusement park.

H: The space amusement parks. Okay. First off, once they are on television, and the big D, big Disclosure happens, expect to see the ships showing up broad daylight, the flying saucer kind of Pleiadean ships, Billy Meier kind of ships, some of the others are, you know, different shapes…. Expect to see some of them in broad daylight. The healing ships, technology, science ships, vacation ships that they travel around the galaxy and the universe, are like a tube or a cylinder, long.

Couple of weeks ago I’m riding somewhere along the road, clear blue sky, and for three, four seconds, one of them uncloaked and showed themselves to me. All right? And so, the space amusement parks… all right, there are three communities that have been identified. I know, but I cannot say where. There’s one on the west coast, there will be on in the northeast and one in the southeast. It appears that the—the space amusement parks will be announced on television a week or two before they’re going to make their debut. So what people can expect. We will not say where or what time. So as not to create a massive traffic jam that law enforcement, you know, can’t deal with.

A fleet of 70 to 100 — the transporter ships, the flying saucer kind of ships, will show up over the community. We will make a peace sign as the universal symbol. We’ll have a heart. One of the—

GD: You mean with the ships?

H: With the ships, yes, in the sky.

GD: Oh, okay.

H: We’ll make a heart and a peace sign up there. One of the smaller saucer, transporter kind of ships will be white. Guess who’s going to be in that one? The Hugh-man. They have honored me by, for reasons that’ll unfold and guess what you’re going to hear music playing? The theme from 2001, the Space Odyssey.

GD: Oh, how about that!

H: I hear that and my eyes water. I mean, for years and years, a couple of decades, I hear that, and I go, whoo. Anyway, people are going to go come on down, come on down! So, four or five of the ships, the small transporters will land. People will be able to go in and examine the technology. And the star people, some of them will have star families—mom, dad, teenagers, elementary school star kids. They’ll come out and they’ll start interacting with people.

They’re going to share a lot of different technological gadgets, gifts. People who are a little bit more adventurous might want to go for, like an amusement park, you get on the rides, you go for a couple…you know, go for a two, three, four, five minute little cruise over your community, your city. All right? Come back and down, like an amusement park.

And once those start, the other transporter ships that are up there will…it’ll be like some are coming down, some are going up, little cruise, right, coming down, then they’ll get on and off…. People who are more adventurous, who want to go out to a healing ship, get some healing in light and sound.

GD: So the mothership is the really big ship.

H: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, they’re the—the motherships are hundreds of miles. I mean, they’re going to be way out there. If they came in close, they said, it would frighten people.

GD: Yeah, okay.

H: The technology ships, the healing ships, they could be five miles, eight, ten, twel… I was on… in October, on Interstate—hmmm, where I was? —81, coming, going from northeast to southwest. And in Virginia by the mountains there, the Pentagon has the big underground base,  doomsday, where they would vacate the Pentagon, Washington, and go underground, right?

Well, I’m driving along, and I look to my left, and hiding in a cloud is this monster-long technology ship. So, like, there’s a lot [unintelligible] I said, “How big was that ship?” She said, “Well, it was like 12 miles long, one point six miles wide, and six stories high.”

GD: Wow.

H: And they were monitoring what was going on in the big underground military base.

GD: Where’s the propulsion system of these ships that can create this cloud-like image? Right? Do you know anything about that? I don’t know a lot about it.

H: Well, they can hide in the clouds, they can bend light waves, cloak, you know, so you actually look around, they have made me look invisible too, in some situations.

GD: How would they do that?

H: Bending light waves.

GD: Well, why would they make you invisible?

H: Because when you’re aligned with the legions of light, you have nothing to fear.  If anybody wanted to harm me or any of the people aligned with the legions of light, you don’t have to fear. Because they can make us invisible.  I was in a south American country seven years ago for—some friends down there, daughter was getting married, and I was leaving their condo and going to a hostel where I was staying, about a ten minute walk. About five minutes away, 10:30, 11:00 at night, I’m walking along and this guy comes out of the shadows and starts walking across the street. And if we had continued the same pace, we would have crossed paths.

The middle of the street the guy stops—I don’t want to say dead, because he wasn’t dead, he was like frozen in his tracks. I keep on walking, ’cause I knew from my conversation from the Vulcan woman in the ’80s I was given extra protection. All right? So, I was speaking with my friend recently, and I said, well, I brought up this situation in South America, and she said, I said, “Did you guys make me invisible to that guy?” And she said, “Yes.” I said, “Well, he must’ve thought he saw a ghost!” And she said, to this day—this is only seven years ago, and he was a young man—she said, “To this day the guy swears he saw a ghost, because he saw you and all of a sudden you weren’t there.”

GD: How about that.

H: So they can bend light waves so you see literally around and what’s on the other side without seeing what’s in between you and the other side.

GD: Was that a potentially harmful situation? Is that what happened?

H: No, no, no.

And recently, I can’t tell you what, but recently, I said, “And such and such a situation, you guys made me invisible.” She said, “Yes.” I said, “They couldn’t even hear me.” She said, “Invisible means invisible. They can’t see or hear you.”

GD: Hunh. Tell me about the PCDs.

H: Okay. One of the first gifts everybody who crosses paths, they’re going to be issued a PCD, which is going to basically replace your cell phones. A PCD is a personal communication device, and it will allow you to communicate with anyone on the planet, it will instantly translate your language to theirs, theirs to yours, if you don’t speak their language. It will project a holographic image of them, so you can see the person, or if it’s a group of people that you’re speaking with… Oh, did I mention, no monthly bill?

GD: Yeah. Right.

H: Free PCD, no monthly bill, you don’t have to plug it in to recharge it, no new batteries, cause it’s going to run off free energy from the universe. When we were talking about these things, oh, last fall, she said, “Well, it is a basic human right that people should be able to communicate without having to pay for it and without having people monitor what you’re saying.”

GD: Is the way the energy’s harnessed, is it safe?

H: Oh, yeah.  In fact, she said, just the opposite of your cell phones with the frequencies and the vibrations are frying your brain,  contrary to what they’re telling you. The PCDs will have just the opposite, it will enhance your spirit and energy, because it’s drawing pure energy from the universe and it’s bringing it closer to your physical being.

GD: Now, the implications, this helps us get into a whole subject that we could spend so much time on, but the implications of free energy are significant, huge! And I know you’re prepared to talk about it in terms of how that translates or how that impacts transportation, and you personally, I understand, but it’s going to be phenomenal, phenomenal impact on our planet and how people can live and thrive.

H: My silver SUV is going to be modified sometime this spring. It is going to be televised. It’s going to be a prototype. It’s not going to have wheels, and it’s not going to have a gasoline engine. It’s going to levitate, anti-gravity, and it’s going to draw free energy from the universe. I’ll never have to pull into a gas station again. Alright?

GD: That’s going to be great.

H: And these new motorcycles that have the two wheels in the front? I got one of those, white, a touring edition. It’s like something out of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Back to the Future or something. If anybody’s ever seen these things, it’s like something futuristic. It also is going to be modified to be anti-gravity and free energy from the universe. They’re going to be prototypes.

The garages where the modifications are going to be done, they identified them to me. I cannot say where they are. The star engineers from an engineering ship are—they’ve got the parts ready… They’re going to come in and just use the garage, and they said it’ll take about an hour to do each of the modifications.

GD: No kidding? Wow. Jeez.

H: Drive in—wheels, gasoline; drive out—no wheels, anti-gravity. Never have to stop at a gas station again.

GD: I know you don’t have your car modified now, but I mean, is the idea that you get in and you can just take off, up and up and up, or is it…

H: I haven’t asked…. Well, way back—August, September—a conversation, she said, “We want you to think of your vehicle as your soon-to-be spacecraft.” I didn’t think, and I haven’t had…because… so many, to ask, you know, like, how far off the ground, you know, how far out can I go? I mean…whatever.

GD: Sure.

H: But there’s always so much to talk about and so little time. You’re going to have, by your house, a box that is going to give you free energy from the universe. You’re not going to have to pay electric bills anymore. In a conversation last fall, I said, well, how soon before the oil wells are capped and shut down, gas wells are shut down, the coal mi… you know. She said, from the time it starts to finish, about 18 months. Well, this was back in like September. Well, because the timeline, because, you know, the announcement, the world leaders, they’ve been waffling and they haven’t been making the announcements that they agreed to, we’ve lost one third of the timeline from last August to December 21st. So, things are going to happen quick.

GD: You’re speaking to the announcements of Disclosure by our world governments, and that they haven’t done that.

H: Yes. Yeah. Yes, all right?

GD: And there’s a larger timeline in place where things need to happen in order to facilitate some larger, major shifts?

H: Yeah. Just a few weeks ago, conversation, she said, from…there’s going to be about a five to seven-day period, what we would call a news week cycle? Where Disclosure, the arrests you’re reading about and hearing about, the new monetary, financial, tax and banking regulations are going to be implemented, the new transition caretaker interim governments, along with the arrests, the star people being introduced on television, a five to seven-day period, she said it’s going to be like a blindfold is ripped off people’s eyes, it’s going to be both exciting and raw for some people.

GD: Right. We’re talking about huge paradigm shifts, so it’s going to be, for those people that aren’t there yet and following this stuff through alternative sources, it’s going to be quite an awakening.

H: When the arrests happen, the top executives of all the major TV media are going to be arrested, and then the news people, the reporters, are going to be able to start speaking the truth and not have their talking points handed to them.

GD: Can I just make a point for those listeners that might be, might not be aware of what’s happening? The idea is that we’ve had people in our governments, we’ve had people in corporations, certainly in the financial institutions around the world—media, you mentioned—that haven’t been serving with people’s best interests in mind, so we’re talking about major regime change across the globe.

H: Oh, it’s…it’s major, major.

GD: Now, can we touch upon what you were getting into earlier—and I know you wanted to talk about this, it’s important. This idea that, you know, science has identified that, on average, humans use about 10 percent of their brains, and we had 12 DNA strands and two of them are active, but the rest is junk. What can you say to that?

H: Medical people, from their MRIs, CAT scans know on average people are using 10 percent of their brain, because the yellow-reds are active, the green-blues are inactive. I’ve been saying like for 25, maybe more years, if we only need 10 percent of the brain, why didn’t the big guy, the big G, just create a much smaller brain? You don’t suppose there’s a purpose for the other 90 percent of the brain, do you? Duh!

And recently they mapped the human DNA, and they say, well, that 3 percent is good, the other 97 percent is junk. Well, talk about an insult to the big guy, I mean the big G? Why waste your time making all that other DNA? I was told the top Illuminati-controlled scientists know the purpose of that other 97 percent of DNA, but they’re playing dumb, like they don’t know. That other 97 percent of your DNA had the blueprint for the perfectly healthy, youthful body. If people knew that, and as people come to understand that, they’re going to say, well, okay, what do we have to do to activate that 97 percent of the DNA that will give you your 5th dimension, perfectly healthy, youthful, full of energy, disease-free body?

And these things are going to be revealed shortly.

GD: It was by design for those that wanted to control the Earth and control the people…

H: Right.

GD: …to bring about an oppressive society. It was designed that way so people would not have access to their full potential and were limited.

H: Well, going back to when Atlantis went down, toward the end, people were misusing it, right? And because the Anunnaki and their minions, who in recent centuries we call the Illuminati, wanted to control people, right? Those abilities were shut down.

The Old Testament talks about people that lived 600 and 800 years, centuries BC, right? So these things, when our sisters and brothers show up on television, when the ascended masters make their appearances, people are going to be glued to their televisions, or their computer, on-line computer….

Last year I was telling people, when things start unfolding, hold on to your hats.

GD: Yeah.

H: Because we’re like six months behind what…some timelines I was given last August, September. I’m telling people, not only hold on to your hats, double tie your shoelaces! Because you’re going to be moving, ‘cause it’s going to be fun, it’s exciting….

When you see and hear them on television, they just effervesce, radiate love. And they say this is not going to be people-to-government, this is people-to-people. They want…to give power back to the general citizens, right?

GD: Um-hmm, um-hmm. They don’t want to save us, they want to help.

H: Imagine, for a second, just one area: If people had perfect health, when people have perfect health—no need for corporate hospitals, the pharmaceutical poisons that you’re taking, health insurance…. Well, right away, people hear that, “Oh, I deal in these industries. I’m going to be without a job.” The new abundance program that is about to be released, no man, woman or child is going to be in poverty. By midsummer, hunger will end on the planet. All right?

These people who’ll be losing their jobs because industry will be shutting down, they are going to share, give to the people of Earth the technological equipment to clean up the water, clean up the air, clean up the land. With the anti-gravity vehicles, the propulsion and free energy, after a few weeks, the first transportation that they are going to share this technology to convert our public transportation—buses, subways.

Then in communities all across the planet, in vacant factories, malls, wherever—and they may put up some new buildings—they are going to give the technology to do the modifications on people’s cars and vehicles. This is going to create a lot of jobs…

GD: Of course, with the abundance programs, people are going to be given much more freedom. The whole idea…

H: Right.

GD: …is to liberate Earth, liberate humanity, and that, to take us to a place of a more evolved society, so we’re out of the struggle mode, and people are actually given the freedom and the opportunity to pursue things that interest them, pursue spiritual pursuits…. It’s an exciting time, for sure. What are you most excited about, personally?

H: The space amusement park, because I’m going to get to travel not just to 50 states once, but many, many, many, many, many times, as well as to…I can’t imagine, you know, many countries overseas. As…in the last year, six months, as I’ve become aware of my role in this, it’s like, some of it is just knowing, because it’s coming in, you know, call it download from universal mind, universal consciousness or whatever.

In fact, some of the conversations, I said, well, this is what’s going to happen, yes, very good, Hugh, that’s it, and they would fill in, you know, like background information, a little bit more of the details, but…. You know, after a number of conversations, it’s like, I said, “Am I boring you?” “No,” she said, “what you’re doing is validating what is coming to you telepathically, or a download,” you know, “from Source.”

And so, many of the conversations are confirming what it is I know of what’s about to unfold. They go, you’re gonna be on TV…I said, you know, like me, in front of a TV camera? You know,  I feel like I’m going to be a doofus or …. And she’s, “No, no, no, you’re a great communicator….” In fact, that’s why shortly before I go on the television I have reason to think I’m going to be out, you know, visit the Neptune a little bit, and then on the communication ship that I’ll be working off of quite a bit.

Oh, I would also like to confirm, I asked, has anybody been out to Neptune, and she said 12 people had been out there. And I mentioned an individual’s name, can’t…

GD: You’re talking about the ship the Neptune, not the planet?

H: Yes. The mothership Neptune, yes. Thank you for clarifying that, yeah. She said 12 people have been out to the mothership, whose name is Neptune, but because things, all the fleets are on high alert, there’s a hiatus, nobody else has been going out there recent. And she said because…

GD: High alert for Disclosure?

H: Yes. Yes. High alert.

GD: Big things happening. Exciting times for sure.

H: There’s a lot that I cannot share because I have to wait until the Big D announcement happens.

GD: Well, this has been delightful. I appreciate your time, and I really appreciate all the information that you shared, and certainly exciting times, and things are building, for sure. And so, like you said, hold on to your hats, tie those shoelaces and….

H: Double tie your shoelaces.

GD: Double tie them.

H: This is.,..I’m—I won’t say I’m on the edge of my chair, but every day that passes, I tell people, we’re one day closer.

GD: Yeah.

H: Every day that passes, there’s one less day of 3rd dimension and all this chaos and everything.

GD: Well, it’s been delightful to have you on the show. You’ve been listening to Hugh, the Hugh-man, and thank you very much for coming on the show today.

H: Oh, I’m happy to, and honored to be able to do this….

GD: Well, thanks very much.

H: You’re welcome.

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