Alexandrian Kosmos – 5th Dimension Acceleration on August 18, 2015 – 8-3-15

The Rapture of People out of the world
The Rapture of People out of the world
*Alexandrian Kosmos   –   5th Dimension Acceleration  on August 18, 2015  –   8-3-15…

On August 18, 2015, Mother Earth will move one day closer to becoming a New Earth, a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension.  That Final Event will be on May 16, 2016.

Mother Earth initialized her process to become a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension on June 24, 2015 when she began generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field with a minute increase of her daily rotational speed. The transition into the fullness of the Fifth Dimension for all Souls will accelerate rapidly through the recognition and acceptance of the premise formulating the foundation of the Spiritual Essence of Love – ALL Things and ALL Souls in the Universe are sacred to God! The second emanation will occur on August 31, 2015, and will induce all Souls on Earth to adapt and acclimate his or her understandings through the elasticity, flexibility, and malleability of Spirituality – the Spiritual Essence of Love.

The Fifth through Eighth Dimensions are the Dimensions of the Universe where “direct application” of the Spiritual Essence of Love from all Things and all Souls is anticipated in every thought, deed, and action of one’s Life sojourn!

Learning to Love with the Spiritual Essence of Love will no longer be an excuse for Man of Destiny Souls. Rather, it will be to each individual Man of Destiny Soul to acclimate and adapt him or herself into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! The stages of acclimation and adaptation for all Man of Destiny Souls, as well as Lightworker Souls, will come at the release of each of the seven Universal Emanations of Energy!

Social Change will be induced into the world’s social structure after each of the seven Universal Emanations of Energy has been released. Instant Social Change will NOT come immediately after the first six Universal Emanations of Energy, but once the 7th Universal Emanation is released on April 9, 2016, there will be no turning back into the “comfort” of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension.  For the Fourth Dimension upon Mother Earth will be signaling its end!

The less adaptable and more resistance there is towards Social Change for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transformation from Man of Destiny Souls, the more things upon Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension will shake, quiver, and finally tumble, for they will not be reflecting the Universe’s Spiritual Essence of Love back upon itself!…

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