Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff – Dreams Fulfilled – Blessings are waiting for you to discover them – 7-31-15

Heavenletters.org, July 30, 2015

God said:

Many beautiful occurrences and connections are on their way to you. I should say: Many more beautiful occurrences and connections are on their way to you. Goodness abounds. Get ready.

How do you get ready?

I will tell you.

Feel the anticipation in your heart. Know it is coming to you. You are supposed to have it. Have a good appetite for it. What is your favorite food? Just as your mouth waters for it, taste the new blessings on your tongue. Be the anticipator of anticipators. What blessings are you looking for? Look for them. Look for them on every corner. You will spot these blessings. Mark My words! Blessings are lined up. They are waiting for you to discover them.

Even so, keep in mind that you are an observer. You participate as an observer. All the good happenings happen. They come to you. They are not really yours. You do not own them. You are glad they are here. You may even feel glee. You receive the blessings yet not as the owner of them. This slant holds importance. You are not in the spotlight. You are not the star of the show. It is more like you are in the chorus.

All the good news that comes to everyone makes you a reporter of good news, not a possessor of it. An observer of the Empire State Building is not the owner of it. He is an observer.

As you see the dawning of an easily observable New World, in your personal life and in the life of the world, you see the splendor and you bask in it with a full heart. You are a participant in the joy of it.

You likely are a contributor to the good news. Yes, you contribute to the ways of the world. The world is yours. News is yours, yet you are not the owner of the world, even as you make up the world. In a sense, you do create the world, yet you do not single yourself out as the creator of the world.

Hmm, you are, and you aren’t the creator of the world. Be proud of the world and all those in it who make the sun shine on the world, yet not be proud of yourself. Be glad, yet not proud.

You are a gift to the world. You may or may not be gift-wrapped in gold. You may be wrapped in rags. The wrappings are not the import of the gifts. You do not want to overdo the importance of your place in the world.

Let Us say that you are the discoverer of the Beautiful Electrifying Great New World. Just so, Columbus never thought he had built the New World he discovered. He alighted on it. It was there all the time. He happened upon what had so long been his dream. He was the observer of his dream fulfilled.

So it is with all the overflowing glad tidings that your eyes will feast on. Okay, give yourself a little pat on the back and enjoy. Swell with joy yet not with self-pride. Better than pride is gratefulness. Abound in gratefulness. Be proud of the world and those in it, and you, you in the body, be modest.

This request I make of you is not self-depreciation at all.

As with a basketball player, he does not win the game. The team wins the game.

In the case of the splendor of the world that will be evident to you, you are one member of the team, and so you uphold the team. Everyone is a star in the galaxy of the world you are verging on.

Of course, the New World I speak of has always been here, yet it has been covered and hidden and fraught with skullduggery. All that has been the gift-wrapping, however. Deeper than wrapping is yet to be revealed.

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