d’tewa – And The Fun Is Just Beginning – Ascension Update – 7-30-15

d’tewa  – 

Yep Dear Friends, we’re getting closer and closer for the changes we’ve been waiting for.  Here’s what I’ve learned about the upcoming changes thus far.

     On July 26th, there was an opening of the Lion’s Gate, which is a new higher frequency of solar (christ) codes that are saturating earth and humanity, and will continue until 8-8-15.

     The Lion’s Gate occurs every year on Aug. 8th when earth aligns with Sirius and the galactic center to create a stargate portal which sends us waves of activating energies for personal and planetary ascension.

     This year is even more potent- 8-8-8 (2+0+1+5=8) which is perfectly placed to prepare us for the upcoming lunar eclipse (blood moon) in September.

     Today also begins the new galactic year of the White Planetary Wizard, the essence of which couldn’t be more relevant to our collective emergence into the new world.

     White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the alignment of mind & heart.

     2 things relevant here:

        1)The energy of purity that the image of a white wizard conjures.

        2)This year is governed by the “planetary tone of manifestation”, the energy of perfection and production.  Which means, it is time to actualize these new frequencies of the balanced heart-mind in our day to day life.

     Those who remember that all our power is in the perception will make magic with their minds.

     This can only be achieved when the head-heart (crown)center, the solar plexus (heart) are purified, activated and blended to work in harmony with the soul.  It is mandatory that we 

1) transcend fear in order to subserviate the lower (survival) mind to the higher GOD mind, and

2) purify our primary heart center of all our fear-based emotions originating from false programs.

 Both of which are a very large part of what this year of mastery is providing for each of us.

     At the lower level, this balancing process can be felt in the physical body as the pineal-pituatary complex.  Which means, the physical mechanics of our higher dimensional processing merges in union.  During these activations, you may encounter some temporary waves of brain fog, confusion, disorientation, lag time in

comprehension, vision impairment, timeline bleeds, odd multidimensional mishaps, itchy-burning watery eyes, sensitivity to smell, sinus congestion, headaches, vertigo, fatigue, and sleepiness/sleeplessness.

      The brain adjusts to the higher frequency to more dimensions of reality and perception to project a new hologram.  This can make for some twilight-zoneish experiences.  Welcome Weirdness!

     At the higher level, and as the 3rd eye awakens fully, our divine/heart mind becomes our dominant processor.  This means that we begin to attract new thought forms via access to new, expanded realms of intellegence in order to project a new Love-based reality of our physical/holographic world.

     As you realize your capacity to think as GOD, you simultaneously open to your true nature as a self-realized aspect of GOD.

     Now, with all of that in mind -with the potent date of 8-8 right around the corner, let’s not forget that this next blood moon will mark a radical shift planet-wise, which will, of course, affect all that lives on her.  Even those unaware will feel it to some extent, and if you’re ultra sensitive and prepared for it, this could be a game-changer in how one perceives a reality.

     So, dear friends, the fun is just beginning!  Whether you decide to put your seat belts on for this ride is up to you.  Whatever you decide, hold on tight!  It’s gonna get REAL interesting! 

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