Karen Dover – Releasing the Old Earth Polarity in TRUTH – 7-29-15

Karen Dover


Within the old earth reality we are taught to continually reference either /or with our human logical mind trying to teach us that if something is not x then it can only ever by y.  This is polarity and works to filter out the myriad of options that IS available.  This sees the old reality try to teach us that we live in a limited reality, it gives birth to the phrase “impossible” and limits the outer waking life experience as the options that exist in TRUTH are hidden in plain view of all.

At this time the energies are rising sharply, many of you at this time may be feeling intensely the expansion, at a human waking physical level this may manifest as increase in body temperature, inability to switch off, intense dreaming, wakefulness at “odd hours” and an increase in appetite.  All is moving to push the lower dimensional frequencies from within the cellular structure of our human vehicle and bring that which no longer serves to the surface. It is to be noted that the “Achilles heel” that I referenced in previous blogs will continue to trigger and be placed in front of us in order that we let go and release the frequencies that are attempting to manifest.

The old earth reality teaches us to place our focus on manifestation and in doing this we filter out that all is frequency and that it is the frequency that is important, without the appropriate frequency the manifestation cannot occur. Many across the planet are placing focus on the manifestation that they assume will be the manifestation of the LOVE That IS and filtering out that the frequency of the LOVE that IS must be in place in order to manifest at a PHYSICAL level. The old earth will continue to pull out the scenario that this is energetic only and that physical manifestation is beyond our capabilities, this is not TRUTH and is not supported.  If a frequency is absent then it cannot manifest no matter what we believe or want to experience, as frequency resonates and can only ever be anchored when other frequencies that are attempting to reject it are released this holds many in a holding pattern that is presented as “impossible” due to the teachings in relation to polarity.

We no longer live in a reality where if it is not x it must be y, multi and inter dimensional living is accessing all that exists between left and right, up and down, hot and cold etc.   It is our human logical mind that will try to teach that we cannot do something and that it is “impossible” due to the continual referencing that we do UNCONSCIOUSLY in the human logical mind, it is to be noted that we filter out approximately 95 percent of all available information and we do this in the blink of an eye.  As we let go of the polarity teachings and let go of the ways of living we have been taught then we can work to come into balance on all levels. The energies at this time are moving us into position in order to dissolve fully the concept of linear time and polarity.

Prior to moving into the expansion beyond this our human logical mind will continue to teach us that it is not possible to live without these concepts and it is the physical experience of moving beyond these concepts that shows us TRUTH. The old earth teaches us to live in our heads, to discuss concepts and get lost in the illusion, the new earth shows us TRUTH through personal experience which validates that which is being shown to us. In short if something cannot be physically validated through experience it is not TRUTH no matter what is presented as TRUTH JUST IS. Many work with illusion never attempting to validate physically believing it is not possible to validate physically and that merely working at an energetic dream level is TRUTH, it is not TRUTH, it is more illusion and it is these veils that are now being removed in order to show TRUTH.

There is life beyond the old earth reality but it is to be personally experienced for it is not one reality it is a multitude of realities that are moved into through frequency and divine spark of creation purpose.  The containment and construct that is the old earth breaks the rules of the universe for it is a 3 dimensional FLAT space that was created to give the illusion of having depth and breadth.  View the old earth as a line drawn on a flat page, the new earth  a cube that is multi faceted and can be accessed at various levels and moved and expanded within, around and through.  This is why it is necessary to let go of everything that is taught within the old earth, it is simply not resonate with the realities that we are moving and expanding into. These realities have always existed, we have simply been prevented from accessing them due to the frequencies that we have been taught to stay within in the construct that is the old earth.

At this time we are asked to let go fully, to let go of expectation which is a tool of the old earth and to understand that we are not being punished (this will be used by the old earth repeatedly to keep us in a lower frequency), we are being helped, we are being triggered in order that we see the frequencies that work against us and that we take action in order to release them fully. Releasing them allows for the pressure that is building in relation to the blue moon be released from our cellular structure and move us into expansion. There are many false teachings within the old earth that seek to have us accept the pressure and to “normalize” it, this is an attempt to teach us to hold on to the pressure and ride the wave, this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the new earth. Any build up of pressure requires RELEASE in order to move into expansion, it is not to sit within and to somehow accept it, this feeds into the false teachings in relation to karma, the new earth is not sacrifice, it is not pain and it is nothing to do with a SOUL construct whatsoever.  The old earth will try to harness all those who are on the cusp of expansion in a last ditch attempt at trying to delay that which was always to be which is ascension into evolution at a PHYSICAL waking mind level.

Relaxing and going within, detaching from drama and understanding that emotions that are arising are unresolved is key at this time, the outer is a REFLECTION of the inner at all moments, in order to change the outer the inner frequency must be addressed and it is internal frequency that is key. We are not at the mercy of a matrix any longer, that has already dissolved, the teachings in relation to it will remain for they seek to dis-empower and confuse.  Strength is found within at all moments of all moments and understanding how frequency works in relation to other frequency is vital in determining what is at play at any one time. ALL is not as it appears to our naked human eyes at this time.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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