Shariq Mahbub – Passion to Create – The Time Segment Application for Manifestation – Channeler Shariq – 7-28-15

Shariq Mahbub   –   Passion to Create   –   The Time Segment Application for Manifestation   –   Channeler Shariq   –   7-28-15

Shariq Mahbub


In these times of quick and sometimes turbulent change, it might seem as if there is a sense urgency around an issue or situation. This must be solved now or else…

This frequency of the old time program loop that somehow if something is not accomplished by a certain time, all is lost is no longer as relevant as before.

We have moved into a new time paradigm of time segments whereby each time sequence is independent of the other and is no longer linear.

So what appears to be urgent, what appears to be a short amount of time to get things done can actually be a very long period of time if we insert a sequence in between, a time segment that overrides the apparent deadline or urgency.

For example if there is a bill to pay and money must be created to meet this deadline, the sense of fear, of loss of control is a survival mechanism of the 1st chakra, to solve the problem in a vibration of urgency and fear.

If we change the fear to a passion to create the miraculous time segment that will solve your problems, then miracles can occur and manifest.

To do this we can simply ground the energy of fear through our grounding cords (magnetic coils turned on by commanding it) and change our attention point to something that makes us happy, like an ice cream, or balloons, or the beach.

This shift in attention point allow for the energy to shift into a happy vibration that allows for passion and creativity to flow.

Now we are aligned with the true God Goddess frequencies we are.

Now our root chakra is vibrating in a higher vibration of possibility.

Now we can create a miraculous event, a solution in a time segment before the apparently urgent deadline.

Simply visualize the solution arriving and be in your hands. Feel it. Make it real. Feel the emotions, the relief at having solved the situation.

Then ground this emotion and visualization to the Earth through your grounding cord with love.

Insert this time segment of the solution before the apparent urgent deadline in the sequence of time you are creating, by commanding it, as the creator of your reality.

And watch how the next time segments unfold!

This is how the energy works. And you can do it again. And again. The Universe is simply following your command, O Creator.

How do you create?


Shariq Mahbub

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