Steve Beckow – Ground Every Thought and Action in the Divine Qualities – 7-26-15


Steve Beckow

We’ve all just shared an in-depth look at the economy that existed from 1982 to the present. (1) It was based on social Darwinism. It portrayed the market as red in tooth and claw and set firm against firm, country against country.

It’s now being brought down.

And, as it is, many of us lightworkers are unable to find work, are sinking under debt, and have used up our savings. And so the kind of lightwork seen in the Occupy Movement, for example, is not as much in view now.  Everyone not prostrate is helping those who are.

You can imagine that abundance will come as shock paddles to a patient whose heart has stopped beating. The victim will probably spring back to life, sit straight up in bed. All of a sudden possibility is here again. Liberation from wage bondage and debt slavery is here. Life can begin again.

And when it does, and this is my purpose in writing these pieces, we financial wayshowers will primarily have only ourselves to fall back upon.

We’ll be busy. We’ll be stressed. We’ll have our eye on the ball.

We won’t have time to watch videos, listen to audiotapes, read books, or attend lectures. It’ll be showtime.

So what’s the one thing we should remember when we forget everything else in the whirl of business?

Ground every thought and action in the divine qualities.

That’s it.

I could stop here and say no more.

That’s what the Illuminati didn’t do. And nothing of their structure will last.

As one of you, I assert that basing our actions on the divine qualities is the first thing to do when we think of doing anything. It’s the one thing to keep doing. And it’s the last thing to abandon doing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s intellectual, experiential or realized knowledge of these qualities that’s guiding us.  Each state of knowledge yields dividends.

Guide every thought and action by these qualities. Is this of love? Am I being generous? Is this compassionate?

That alone would save us from going awry, in my estimation. Not like I know because I’m on the same ride as you.

Act according to what we know, what we’ve learned about, what our deepest understanding is of the divine qualities. Love, generosity, integrity, compassion, sympathetic joy, on and on – what we learned in kindergarten and may have forgotten.

This generation can do this. This generation can transform business from being an act of predation to being a symphony of cooperation and community. We can do it.

We can overturn all the injustice of pension loss, wage freezes, lost benefits, no medicare, color bars, glass ceilings. None of these are of love and none of these will go forward with us.

This generation can build a financial structure that works for everyone.  The key to it is not our business plans. It isn’t even our management style. (Most of us will make mistakes in the beginning.) It’s following the divine qualities – managers, workers, all of us.

OK, so we haven’t been doing it so far. Perhaps start now.

In capsule form?

  • Base everything we think and do on the divine qualities, to the extent that we can.
  • Don’t blame ourselves or anyone else for missteps.
  • Focus on the next time instead of the last time.
  • When we fall into disagreement, go back to the last point of agreement and begin again.
  • Stay together.
  • And keep going forward. Valor is the willingness to stay with it to the end. No matter what, stick with it.

This is the path I’ll be following.

Author: Higher Density Blog

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