GOOD QUESTIONS… The Many Petals Of One Perfect Rose

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Well, my last post on July 16th, “NEW Moon… Don’t Make it OLD!” created quite a stir– questions began flurrying in like snowflakes only minutes after I hit “publish!” And that is a very, very good thing, I’ve come to realize. Beyond good, actually. More like PERFECT. As in divine timing.

In fact, I’m realizing, seeing, intuiting, just plain knowing without knowing how, so much about why that is– all at once and then over and over again with even more reasons– that I’ve started to write this post about twenty times over the last three days. Every time, there was just too much information flowing through me to fit into a single linear thread… and every time, it came through with a different focus altogether.

While that may seem like a very weird experience (yep it is according to “normal”), and so overwhelming not to mention frustrating (yep) that…

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