Thoth – 7 Gateways to Heaven on Earth – 7-25-15

The 7 Gateways to “Heaven on Earth”   –   Thoth


Would you believe me,
If I told you,
I am speaking to you now,
From Heaven,
And I can get you there,
In 7 steps?
let us journey together, through the 7 gateways…

Gate 1) love of self

Ah, the first gate way, some of you may already be past this point, but everyone has to start somewhere. Until you can love yourself, there is no way you can love anyone else, your perspective of yourself, sets the standard for your view, and treatment of others, until you can perceive yourself, even with your faults, as deserving of love, you will not be able to love anyone else with their faults. Until you come to terms with this, you still need to over-come the first gate.

You have passed this gate when:
-you believe your life has value
-you believe you are lovable and worth love
-your worth does not depend on anything or anyone
-you perceive yourself in a positive light
-you believe you deserve respect and you treat yourself respectfully
-you accept your “faults” and have come to terms with them, you understand their value, and do not see them as bad
-you are content with who you are, and do not compare yourself to others

Gate 2) love of other

Once you have passed the first gateway, you move onto this one. Now, this is not only about loving other, but unconditional love, because until you learn unconditional love, you cannot love every other, to pass this gateway, you must have learned acceptance, compassion, and the art of perceiving others as yourself. Once you have mastered this gateway, you have a profound connection to the world around you, accept others, and find yourself mostly content with healthy relationships.

You have passed this gate when:
-you forgive everyone easily, hold no hate, resentment, or jealousy, and you never say bad things about others
-you do not perceive anyone as bad, and no ones behaviour personally bothers you, you are compassionate and can put yourself in their shoes
-you treat others kindly, lovingly, and respectfully
-your relationships are loving, trustworthy, and respectful
-you feel loved by others
-you treat all life with love and respect, including animals, plants, and everything else
-you identify all life with yourself, and personally care extensively, your sense of self includes all life, others pain is your pain, others happiness is your happiness

Gate 3) fear

Congratulations! If you made it this far, I’m impressed with you, and you deserve a gold star. Now this gateway, looks scary, but I promise, it’s all bark, no bite. You encounter this gateway in life when ever you are afraid something bad will happen, now this gate may appear to you even if you haven’t passed the first two, essentially you will come across this gate your whole life until you over-come it. If this is a gate you are struggling with,

Indications of struggling with this gate are:
-you fear bad things will happen to you
-you avoid certain tasks or things because you are worried or afraid
-you think things are “out to get you”
-you believe there are forces that want to hurt you
-you experience anxiety or have phobias
-death is concerning (outside obvious reasons- you SHOULD care about your health, but you should not be terrified of death.)

Now for those struggling here, because this gateway can be tough, I will give you some advice.

“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!”
Not sure who said that exactly, but…

Run with it! You have nothing to be afraid of, and anything “bad” that happens, can be dealt with in some way, and you are wasting your time if you worry about it. Everything happens in divine order, if you are meant to be hit by a bus, you will be, if you aren’t suppose to be, you won’t be! it does no good wasting your life hiding under your bed, get out there and live! Don’t be held back by the gateway of fear- that is all it is, a gate in your way, stopping you from going further. I’m not saying act irrationally, but it’s irrational to let fear stand in your way!

You have passed this gate when:
-you are courageous, and do things confidently, even if you feel temporarily afraid
-you do not worry or stress out too much, and if you do, you think positively and constructively
-you always tell the truth, you are never afraid to be honest
-you have challenged all your fears and have over come them
-you do not get too frightened, and you believe you can handle anything
-you believe the majority of people are good and have good intentions
-you do not believe in evil forces

Gate 4) desire

If you have seriously passed the 3rd gate, I am incredibly impressed with you and admire your bravery, if not, I have complete faith in your ability and can’t wait to see you sore like an eagle through all the gateways! Now onto the 4th gate, this gate is about your cravings, addictions, what you want in life, this gate is about letting go of toxic desires, and adopting positive habits. Passing this gateway requires a sense of joy that isn’t dependant on exterior factors, and a commitment to your own health, and the health of those around you.

You have passed this gate when:
-your sexuality and attraction revolves around love, otherwise you are asexual or don’t have interest in romantic relationships
-you feel “complete” on your own
-you are free from unhealthy or toxic addictions, behaviours, or relationships
-you eat healthy, and live a healthy life style, you sleep properly, get out of the house, and generally enjoy life
-your happiness has no dependance on material objects or people, you feel blissful, peaceful, and content from within
-you are responsible, independent, self-reliant, and don’t depend on others
-you perceive everything in life as a gift, appreciate everything, and are content just existing

Gate 5) service

Ah, to have passed the 4th gate, you are in perfect condition to challenge number 5! Of course, the 5th gateway is always available to you, but until you have passed all the others, you cannot truly “pass.” This is because without the conquering of the other gateways, you still have some self-work to accomplish, therefore, the following gates will not serve you very efficiently, and this gate will wait until you’ve passed the others! True service is all about selflessly serving others without expectation of receiving something in return, from the goodness of the heart, so to speak, and doing so fearlessly, actively, and with a fiery passion!

You have passed this gate when:
-you go out of your way to do kind things actively without expecting anything in return
-you want to help the world, because you believe everyone deserves happiness, and you are so passionate about it, you want to do it yourself, even if it problematic for you
-you put 110% effort in everything! For you it’s about doing it right, not just getting it done, you are invested and focused in all your tasks with a loving heart
-you love to be helpful and help others however you can, you go out of your way to assist others how ever possible, even if no one knows, and will never know you’ve done it
-you never let anything stop you from following your heart or dreams, which relate to the fact that the happiness of others makes you happy!
-you have a deep sense of purpose and actively work to fulfill it

Gate 6) identity

Firstly, for those of you who passed the 5th gate, I thank you personally for your selfless, and admirable service. Now the following two gateways are not for the weary or ill-hearted, these require someone with a real commitment, with a strong will. For those of you who are still catching up, I want to share quickly, a cute story about myself to help encourage you! 🙂

So when I was learning to ski, all the other kids learned much quicker than I did, while they all were learning the rad “pizza” move, I was still trying to stand up! Eventually, my class had to leave me behind, because I wasn’t antiquate enough to go with them on the ski lift. To put it shortly, I felt horrible. But you know what? While I sat alone, shaking in my skis, I spent the next half hour giving it my all. Soon, I was doing the “pizza” like a pro, and you know what, I was more proud of myself than I ever felt, because I PROVED I could do it, even though I couldn’t learn it as fast as everyone else. That my friend, takes MOXIE, and moxie, is a way more important thing to have, than being the fastest learner. 😉 and I believe you, have buckets of it.

Haha, now, back on topic… Gate number 6! Now this gate, is the second most challenging. To pass this gate, you have to leave behind everything you associate with your own identity, you need to be stripped completely of everything which you identify with, and become more than identity could ever express. To pass it, you have to let go of everything. This isn’t about “destroying” who you are, but “destroying” what you THINK you are, because you are not you body, your mind, or your cool stuff, you dear One, are nothing but your heart, and to pass this gateway, that must be the only thing you are. You have to let go of everything you own, and everything you think you are, in order to pass this gate. Now I’m not saying physically get rid of everything, unless of course, you really want to. The purpose of this gateway, is to free you from your “possessions” and allow you to become your True Self, free from labels, free from what you think you are, or think you should be, free from obsessions, free from everything. True, complete, freedom.

To pass this gate, I invite you: select your utmost favourite item, and outfit, and throw it away, do this as a symbol of “throwing out” everything that you are “binded to” or associate with, in order to become free. You do not want to “give your binds” to those you care about, so I suggest leaving these things in a forest, in a park, or a dumpster. For me, I donated my favourite clothes to a thrift store, and threw away my most powerful, prized possession, this I would not donate, it had to be thrown away.

You have passed this gate when:
-you do not associate yourself with any gender, race, age, or style, essentially, you are undefinable by your body, clothes, or possessions
-you do not associate with your name, and perceive you and others as the same
-you do not associate yourself with any titles, traits, groups, religions, abilities, or anything else
-you would describe yourself with only two words “I Am.”
-you have no emotional connection to any of your possessions/abilities/skills, you would feel no different if it all suddenly disappeared
-you have no concern about money, and would not mind if you suddenly went completely broke (concern for family members/friends is allowed, but in a loving non-attached way, fundamentally, comfort and material wealth should be valueless)
-you are not reliant on any relationships, relationships are based on your genuine love for others, and do not depend on their feelings towards you

At this point, do not be surprised if you are experiencing bizarre encounters with synchronicities and angels. Likely, you may begin experiencing angel contact by the 3rd gate, assuming you have gave them permission. By this point, you might be receiving physical signs guiding you to the pathway that is right for you. The angels will help you get to the 7th gate, but the most important thing,
you will have to do is TRUST YOURSELF.

This, is the key to the 7th gate, I want to see each and every one of you make it there, and I believe you can do it, you have to
No matter what your rational mind might think,
This is essential, use your heart, not your head!

Gate 7) doubt

This gateway appears only to the most committed. Some how, if you have passed every gate with a pure heart and pure intentions, this gate will open for you. I cannot tell you what it will look like for you, but I will tell you, somehow, if it is meant to be, it will occur, and test you.

everything you have done, everything you are, everything you believe, will be challenged by this gate. You will have to be unshaken in yourself, have complete faith in who you are, and trust yourself completely. You must be fearless, doubtless, and pure of heart. To have this gate opened, you will need to follow your heart and synchronicities, you must trust your intuition, and trust yourself.

This gate will open when:
-You have passed every gate up to here
(You might want to go back and read all the requirements from the previous gates to see if you meet the requirements)
-You are detached from personal identity
-You follow your heart, intuition, and synchronicities
-You are pure of mind & heart
-You are free of all worries & fear

Like I said, I cannot tell you what this gateway will look like exactly for you, you must follow your heart, your intuition, and your synchronicities to get there. If you are prepared for it, it will come to you in some way. Essentially, it will appear as some form of challenge to all your progress to this point, once you over-come this challenge, you have passed!

When you pass this gate, you will experience:
-profound love for all life and all creatures
-a profound self understanding
-profound bliss
-everything feels perfect
-you feel like you are in heaven
-everyone around you is an angel
(Metaphorical angels, this gate shouldn’t kill you. Lol!! But it might frighten you half to death, fair warning (: )

If you are struggling with any of these gates,
I will gladly, personally help you however possible,
Please comment, or private message me,
I will respond immediately.
If you prefer, I am also accessible via skype, kik, or email.
My earth mission is to help guide, heal, and teach others,
And I take my job VERY seriously.
Haha, but no worries, I also have a humour, and I’m pretty relaxed. 🙂

I have successfully passed each gate, and have dedicated myself to helping guide others through them, these are more like psychological gates, than physical ones, however they may present themselves in various ways.

Now this may not be the method which will work for you, perhaps there is a another method that will work, however this 7 gate system is based entirely on my own experience, and worked effectively for me 🙂 if you ask me if I am “in Heaven” I give you a big YES!!!

I can honestly, sincerely tell you, Heaven is a frequency accessible on Earth in physical form, once you meet the perspective requirements, it is accessible to everyone, and anyone, regardless of your beliefs. You don’t even need to be religious or anything of the sort. Heaven is a mental state achieved through the “enlightenment process” as by “en-lighten” to light up to an extent clear vision is available.

Essentially, reality becomes a “Heavenly” experience, through the progress of self-improvement (going from requirements to obtain temporary happiness to an omnipresent, self-actualized state of constant, pure bliss.)

Now will it free you from reincarnation, aging, etc, this I do not know for certain, this will depend on you entirely, your spiritual, or un-spiritual journey, but the esoteric path is available for you if you want to decide that destiny personally, however, the choice is up to you if you wish to pursue that, which perhaps you rather just enjoy your heavenly life as is and participate joyfully in whatever afterlife you receive, with open, loving, accepting arms. Either way, awesome!

Personally, when I am done my mission in this reality, I will be joining my friends and family in the “heavenly planes” of the astral. 🙂

If the esoteric path interests you, there is tons of esoteric information available for you online, & basically everywhere. I will also be posting esoteric lessons somehow, I still need to work out how I want to do that, perhaps youtube or here, or perhaps a mixture. It will depend entirely if I am called to do so, but I am rather lazy sometimes and this information is pretty readily available, so I might not have to. Lol! Those guys did a pretty excellent job!

Heaven will be reachable regardless – but if you are open-minded, you are welcome to read the “Emerald Tablets” as, when read properly, are an excellent hand-book too. Hm.. Perhaps what I ought to do is re-translate them and put something together… We will see 🙂


See you all in “Heaven” soon!!


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