An Hour With An Angel – Archangel Michael on Communication – Channeler Linda Dillon – Interviewer Steve Beckow – 7-23-15

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July 23, 2015 ~ Apparently, Archangel Michael wishes to speak to us this week about communication, relationships, control and defensiveness.

He wishes to distinguish what is old paradigm and what is new.

Just as a backdrop to this, let me add that this is a time of mayhem. The Illuminati economy is being dismantled. People are being pressed in financial areas like never before as matters tighten and tighten before the Illuminati structures are completely left in the dust.

People are having what AAM calls breakdowns and breakthroughs – or no breakthroughs and people are separating from romantic and work relationships.

Going along with this is that we as a society (and this is an assertion I make) simply don’t know how to communicate. We think we do but, in my view, we don’t.

Sometimes matters that need discussing go without being discussed for years and then suddenly erupt. Sometimes people become so clogged from all the secrets, withholds and resentments they’re carrying towards their romantic or work partner that they can only drag themselves out of bed in the morning or to work.

That’s part of what AAM calls the “old paradigm.” So AAM has expressed the desire to talk about these things and I for one am all ears as to what he has to say. See you there.

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