Mother God via Kathryn E May – Why Don’t You Call Your Mother? – 7-23-15


Why Don’t You Call Your Mother?   –   By Mother God

Channeler Kathryn E May

So many of you have been delighted by your success in connecting with your Twin Flames
that we decided to continue our encouragement a bit further, by giving you a real-life
example or two about how our partners-in-publishing have experienced our guidance,
our help and our humor.  You too can decide to throw open the doors to a new
adventure in multi-dimensional communication.  You probably already know the
feeling of being close to your Guides and Guardians.  Let us elaborate.

We are the Shiver Up Your Spine
You are familiar, are you not, with the classic initial contact, when you feel a shiver go
up your spine, or you suddenly feel a cool breeze when you are indoors, or something
fleeting catches your attention out of the corner of your eye.  That is Us, Dearest Ones!
We use those common signals because everyone acknowledges them, and because
it is an easy way to get your attention.  But how do we keep you attention long enough
to truly communicate with you?  You must be willing to stop and listen with your heart,
and you must promise yourself not to dismiss the feelings or insist that you couldn’t
possibly be feeling a loving Being right there next to you.  But we are there, many
of us, surrounding each of you.

You are probably not aware that Christine and Kathryn went through a similar training
before they learned to channel comfortably and trust what they are hearing.
They still question us often to see if they are accurate.  We have begun to respond by
making jokes, which they cannot ignore or pretend was not us.  Michael is
particularly funny when he teases Christine about her fleeting doubts.  He puts on a
playlist of her favorite songs and plays it in a different order each time.  Then he
says, “Now pick one for me!  Or, oh, oh, this is my favorite part” and they sing along
together.  Today, he played all water-themed songs during her walk to impress her
and make her laugh.

Arcturian Talents Abound
You have met our Arcturian Team Leaders, who are now assessing your health
needs in preparation for your request to work with them.  There will be more
from Team Leader in an upcoming article in our Health and Beauty Section.  You will be
amazed at how attentive and knowledgeable they are, and how eager they are to
be of service.

For instance, the Arcturian team working with Kathryn and Christine are at this
moment assessing their healing progress and prescribing nutrients and exercise, down
to the last drop of herbal tea.  Their shopping, juicing and shakes are individually
prescribed down to the last carrot.  They oversee homeopathic aids, vitamins and the
color of their sheets, and suggest sources to buy the purest and cleanest products at
the best prices.  Yesterday, he pointed out to Christine, “Look at these cucumbers!
They’re beautiful, and only $1.99 a pound!”  At the same time, they have assessed
the quality of the well water and the plumbing in the house to insure pure drinking water
at all times.  You deserve nothing less.

Friendly Persuasion
Now I will tell you a story that has us all howling with laughter.  We played a bit of
mischief with our Channels this morning.  They have been wrestling with how to clean
house, how to dispose of years of accumulated belongings from others and several moves.
We know they are not strong enough to spend days moving, packing up and transporting
things to the recycling center, and their energy demands do not allow for days of sorting
and cleaning, even if they had the time.

So, this morning we made our suggestion to them in the form of a “delivery” to their
home.  The doorbell rang early in the morning, and a friendly but confused truck driver
came to ask for directions from “that nice lady” for the second time in recent weeks.
His large truck carried on the back of it a dumpster – the kind you can park in your yard
and use as needed.  It was not for them, this time, but the message was not lost on
Christine and Kathryn, who giggled for hours in wonder and delight at how we had
managed to get the truck driver to come to their door, out in the country quite far
from his home office and his intended delivery.

Some hours later, the telephone repair man came to scour the house in search of the
problem with the internet and phone, and he offered to spend hours to fix a problem
that had existed for years and had not been solved by numerous others.  It is only
fitting that with our daughters spending every waking hour working with us, it is
imperative that they have the appropriate equipment to help them and to speed our
messages to you.

You cannot imagine how it delights us to play helpful “tricks” like this on our
children. Our Company of Heaven and battalions of angels are Masters of
arranging “coincidences” in your life too. The more you chuckle, the more it inspires us
to reach further into our bag of tricks to entertain and assist you.  Of course, not all our
efforts to help you are funny.  Most often, we share your sorrows, your troubles and
your joys, and the more you connect with us, the more we can offer our assistance.
Your Gifts Are Wrapped and Ready!

It may puzzle you, this calibrated gauge of how much we can intervene in your lives.
It is really fairly simple.  Just as Team Leader can read the amount of vitamin D in your
body, we can see the Light quotient you emit from moment to moment, and we are
aware of every gesture of kindness, every lighthearted encounter, and we know
of your growing commitment to be on the Ascension team and to be of service in this
Earth Project.

Long ago we agreed with all of you that we would use a predetermined scale, to be
applied fairly and evenly across all humankind for the purpose of determining how
much we can help.  It works in a similar way for each individual as well as for the
whole collective.  You can be sure we eagerly watch the meter for every opportunity
to send gifts and blessings your way.  I will also assure you that the scale is very liberal,
taking into account the tremendous challenge it is to live a life on Planet Earth.
So you see, Dearest Ones, we are hanging on your every breath, cheering your
every movement upward toward us.  Those of you who are parents or aunts and
uncles remember what it feels like to see a child’s first steps, or the time they learn to
ride a bicycle or graduate from high school, and what it feels like to wait for your call
about your new job, or your new home, or your first child.  We watch you this way,
and your family who loves you from the higher dimensions feels just the same.  We
are not distant, judgmental and lofty personages.  We are your adoring family, and
we can’t wait to talk with you in the most personal and intimate way.
Looking forward to your call with great anticipation,
In the company of your family and friends in higher dimensions,
I am your Mother God.


Channeled by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, 3 July 2015

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