Malechite – 9 Steps To Global Consciousness SHIFT – 7-21-15

Malechite   –    9 Steps To Global Consciousness SHIFT   –   7-21-15

  1. Turn up the volume on your soul: Perhaps the most important first step you can take to be a part of that new wave, is to ‘turn up the volume on your soul’ so that you can begin to hear it more strongly. There are various suggestions for doing this: meditation, yoga, tai chi, Reiki and the healing arts, Five Rhythms Dance, the multitude of spiritual practices (such as shamanism), connecting with nature, the arts and creativity. At Openhand we’ve developed a deep consciousness bodywork we call “soulmotion”. Find out more…soulmotion
  2. Learn to follow your soul in day-to-day life: Each of our souls is connected to a higher co-creative flow of energy – of consciousness. It is an internal guidance mechanism which is leading to the higher evolved plane of consciousness – what we at Openhand believe to be humanity’s immediate destiny (at least those who choose it). This benevolent guidance is always present, through ALL events and circumstances. The key is to know how it works and how it is guiding you in every moment. There are various new and ancient processes for following the soul’s quiet voice within. Here at Openhand we’ve developed a ‘spiritual compass’ we call “Openhandway“. You can find out more here…Openhandway
  3. A routemap through life’s twists and turns: Once you’ve tuned into your soul and begun to realise it as a guiding compass, it can help greatly to understand ‘where’ the soul is leading to – we’re guided on a pathway of expanding consciousness. This is an inner journey through ever higher dimensions, the internal alchemy of which, is then reflected and manifested into the outer world we experience. There are many blind alleys down which you can travel. That’s why the Five Gateways route map can be so invaluable. We each have a unique journey yes, but those who’ve ‘ascended the mountain’ often report similar experiences on route to the ‘summit’. Understanding these influences can catalyse your journey removing much unnecessary pain and suffering…Five Gateways
  4. Raise your vibration: Walking the Path will naturally lead to an exploration of how to ‘raise your vibration’. Essentially, as you purify internally, there is less dense energy within your lower bodily vehicles to keep dragging you back into the darkness. The energy acts like ballast and by processing it out, you can attain the lighter vibrations of greater interconnectivity – you sense and experience being much more a part of the universal flow which feels increasingly harmonious inside. In order to do this, you need to take a close look at how you live your life to see how your vibration is being lowered. It is frequently in the food that we eat, the ‘electrosmog’ in our houses and subconscious behaviour patterns from the conditioning of society. Conscious eating is essential. Check out…Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen
  5. Become more at-one with Mother Earth: Humanity has ridden rough shod over our natural environment and ecosystems. It could well be that we have already passed certain ‘tipping points’ taking the planet (in this plane) into much more inhospitable environments, which is going to make it increasingly difficult for the worlds burgeoning population. But Gaia is humanity’s vehicle into the higher paradigm. And every time I’ve called to her, I’ve always been answered and affectionately guided. If we can reconnect with every aspect of nature around us, then the earth will start to speak to us and hold us in a loving embrace that we may safely ride the difficult tides ahead. Humanity may have gained the power to control the earth’s surface in some ways, but every single part of our lives interfaces with this magical ecosystem which is one living, breathing system. If we are not connected to that, our souls begin to suffer. So whatever is happening to the surface environment, the invitation is to open our hearts and reconnect with Gaia. Even if it is just the plants and bushes in our own gardens or houses.
  6. Become more resourceful & self-sustaining: Money makes the matrix go around! And essentially money has been created by the generation of debt, which has been propagated by the over exploitation of oil and the production thereby of ‘consumables’ (many of which are unnecessary). Society is founded on the building block of Industrial Consumerism which is driving the greed, inequality and disharmony. If we become increasingly conscious about what we spend, and which items are really necessary, then we would stop feeding the disharmony, stop destroying our eco-systems and raise our vibration too. So this part is about becoming more resourceful, spending only where we really feel we need to (or are given to), working to become more self sustaining and less reliant on the system – especially in terms of our own food production or at least supporting local farming… Transformation of Humanity Video
  7. Reduce personal debt: When you are in debt, essentially you are being ‘owned’ by society – you have less freedom of action. Right now, there are ‘off-the-radar’ movements by awakening people challenging the nature of debt and especially the legality of it. In other words, much of the credit people have taken out may not have legal standing. It may seem quite radical, but unless (for example) a credit card company can produce the original signed agreement (which most can’t because they’ve been sold on), then you may not be legally bound to repay the debt. There are similar legality issues around mortgages – of course exploring this is going to question ones own feelings on morality, justice and rightness, which is not always as obvious as it may seem. Is it ‘moral’ for example, for the few to plunder the resources of the many and then sell them back with interest? These are questions we’re all being invited to contemplate and work with as we evolve.
  8. Developing conscious community: One way to reduce debt is to combine resources with kindred spirits – the emergence of ‘micro-communities’ is a strongly growing trend. Small groups of people are drawing together to share resources and services. Is may be possible for example to pay off a mortgage by forming a joint owning ‘cooperative’. There is also the emergence of more conscious communities beginning to happen, such as the rise of the “Transition Towns”, where people are networking together to support one another with more local resources – especially food and energy. Such communities are preparing now for the projected break down of our oil driven society. Check out the Transition Towns Network. If there isn’t one near you, the organisation offers abundant help on setting one up… Transition Network
  9. Become a positive force for change: To us at Openhand, the true purpose of life itself is to fully unleash and express the soul; this is your unique expression of the One. When we do this, not only do our own lives become fulfilled, we begin to inspire and uplift others too.What is it that really fires your passion? What gives you true meaning in life?……

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