Steve Beckow – Non-Dualism and Ascension – 7-18-15

Advaita 3Steve Beckow

I was asked today what the difference is between Advaita (A=Non, Dvaita = Duality = Non-Dualism) and Ascension philosophies, and, for the benefit of those who follow western or eastern versions of Advaita, perhaps I could comment on that.

This is simply a personal view. I’m not saying I’m correct. I’m just saying this is the way I see things.

Advaita is the path of knowledge (Jnana), rather than the path of devotion (Bhakti) or service (Karma, Seva). It seeks permanent, realized knowledge of the One, usually through meditation but sometimes through contemplation and reasoning.

The path of reasoning is often called “neti, neti, neti” – “not this, not this, not this.” It proceeds by raising to awareness the fact that the one “I” that I am, that we all are, the ultimate, eternal and omnipresent Subject is not this thing or that, but is everything and at the same time no thing (Everything/Nothing); that is, nothing material.

Advaita also often proceeds through the casting (or asking) of the question: “Who am I?” which brings a response from the Self every time we ask it. We may be too unrefined in our consciousness to detect that response but it apparently occurs nonetheless. Finally everything impermanent falls away from our consciousness, leaving the revealed Self of all.

This “Self” exists at a level that transcends material reality and, viewed from that angle (if there could be a viewer independent of it, which there cannot be), is the constituent, substratum, or essence of everything that exists and everything that appears not to exist. It is the one Essence or Existent.

The Ascension philosophy goes much farther than eastern Advaita or the western version of it.

While traditional Advaita’s goal is unitive consciousness and an end to reincarnation, Ascension philosophy sees that as only one step in a much broader and increasingly-expansive process. Unitive consciousness and an end to reincarnation come with our exit from the Third and Fourth Dimension and our access to the Fifth. But Ascension philosophy does not stop there.

It recognizes that there are twelve dimensions to the human experience. It holds that the highest goal sought by Advaitins is only the first stage of the scaling of Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness, also sometimes called the Stairway to Heaven.

Ascension philosophy looks at the components of the human being in a much broader way than Advaita. It inquires into the nature of our DNA, which includes much more than just our genetic inheritance. It includes our soul contract, our cellular memory, the codes that govern Ascension, the structure of all our higher-dimensional bodies, and much more.

It describes what’s accomplished with our accession to each of the higher dimensions. It looks at the nature and process of the various kingdoms – animal, elemental, angelic, and so on. It examines the human story from its most ancient roots, describes our galactic origins, looks at other civilizations in this and other universes, describes their process and their Ascensions, and opens the door to much broader vistas in every field of human or galactic endeavor.

Advaita cannot guarantee “full enlightenment” to everyone who states their wish to have it, but Ascension does. (1) We see before us a fleet of galactic ships here to protect us during our Ascension (once karma has been satisfied) and the known and discoverable participation of the celestials in our consciousness shift.

Ascension sees the active involvement of these guardians of humanity in restoring balance to Earth by distributing abundance, providing healing to those who ask for it, addressing the pollution of our world, preventing the subjugation of the working and middle classes by the Illuminati elite, preventing mass terrorist acts, including weather-warfare, carried out by our very own governments on their own citizens and others, and the worst mass-terrorist act of all (world war).  These and many other actions are designed to subjugate the population and win control by and for, not the people, but the elite.

Ascension is both spiritual and activist. It is far more umbrageous than anything terrestrial spirituality has produced.  And the benefit from learning about it far exceeds the limited benefit that comes from simply securing a spiritual technique or restricting one’s education to the nature of the Self, which is but one topic of interest to the Ascension spiritual seeker.

If I limited myself to terrestrial spirituality, I’d call myself an Advaitin. But I can be an Advaitin and far, far more by delving deeply into Ascension philosophy. I chose the much broader view and have never made such progress as I have from making that choice.

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