Cobra Interview – Q and A – Rob Potter – 7-17-15 – Commentary by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thanks E for the heads up.

I will post the transcript here when available but for those who can’t watch/listen to interviews, wanted to say that Cobra shared some positive news in several areas.

He said don’t worry about Jade Helm at all; that there are far more important things going on.

He said the training exercises will go on, and that there is an element in JH15 that could be positive and if the dark ones try anything, they will be in for a big surprise.

Cobra also said that if you see guns and men coming out into the streets, avoid confrontation at all costs if you can. Don’t let them provoke you into reacting and getting involved in violence. Stay out of it and retain your composure.

As far as the AI program associated with Jade Helm and any high tech equipment the military tries to use, the positive Pleiadians are directly involved with watching them very closely and will not let anything major go down.

Regarding the prognostications that The Wave will make people crazy and cause them to hallucinate, Cobra worded it that the energies will be felt and may bring up a lot of emotions in people, particularly at the time of The Event. The disclosures that take place will be extremely upsetting to many people and we need to reassure them and help them remain calm.

He also reminded us that while there is a lot of conflicting information out there from messenger to messenger, the details don’t really matter at this point. Just keep trying to share information with people to alert them as to what is happening in the world and to what is coming. The general story is enough.

Agreed. The less shocked, traumatized and in-denial people we have to deal with in September, the better.  ~ BP



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