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The idea of past lives have become increasingly popular over the past few decades; and for good reason! Many are wanting to know what they did in a life before; to better understand their life now.

This gets a little confusing when we understand that our consciousness is a fractal of the all, which encompasses everyone else’s consciousness as well. We are all one, we are all each other, yet we have our own separate consciousness. It seems the higher we go in dimension or frequency, the more ‘One’ everything is. Everything is understood from a much wider perspective.

Meditate on A Question

Everyone is already at the level to access this information, and if anyone tells you other wise, check if their intention is actually pure. Meditate on a very specific question rather than an open ended one.

Ask exactly what you are wanting to know. Understand you are asking yourself, not an external, supreme being.

And allow the answers to come in different forms. If you are asking to have your past lives shown, it might not be visual.

Pay attention, extremely close attention to how your body feels and what thoughts and sensations come about. Sometimes we are shown the answer so subtly that we miss it. A lot of people experience how they died in their last past life, and sometimes injuries or problems we experience in this life time are left over from the last.

Sometimes the answer will come after a few attempts, especially if you don’t meditate regularly. It is a process of quieting the mind enough to hear the subtle answers of wisdom we all hold. It’s the quiet voice that we overlook that is trying to tell you what you want to know.

Talk about it

One time I was talking to a friend and I asked if she could ‘see’ any of my past lives. I actually asked as a sort of joke or at least I wasn’t expecting her to know anything. After asking, I got a flash of an image in my head of a sort of warrior woman with blue and red feathers, outfit and face paint. 7f24d-6a00e54efab950883301127918178a28a4-500wi

When I expressed this vision to my friend she instantly gasped with surprise as she saw the exact same thing. Without me even describing this woman, my friend said she was holding a curved hook type weapon and I almost started crying.

I saw that exact image too. We completely tapped into one of my past lives and weren’t even ‘trying’. It’s incredibly simple when you’re open to it.

Talk to your friends and family, allow yourself to be open about topics like this. You might be amazed as to where it leads you…

Understand That You Are Everyone

Past-Life-Regression-Therapy-w270This can be a bit tricky when exploring the concepts within the mind. The mind does not exist in the higher realms; that eternal energy exists outside of concept. See that, when tapping into YOUR past lives, they are also everyone else’s.

Imagine source energy as a ball with a bunch of extensions extending down from it. Those distinct extensions are each of our consciousness which seem separate, but as you go back to source, it is all from the same place.

So imagine that you can go back up into source, then back down into someone else’s consciousness.

We are all each other so our past lives, future lives and everything are all one. You are the same energy that made up Hilter, Mother Theresa, the presidents and that person you just passed on the street.

You can go in and experience everyone’s life because they are also yours. Learn to grow from them. Grow from the mistakes of the past to make a future that everyone wants to live in.

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