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Article by Vimi Karnik, Reiki Rays

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”– Victor Hugo

Music is the food for soul. It soothes the soul and brings balance in life. And why not? Each of the seven notes of music is associated with each of the seven main chakras. The table below represents the association of notes and chakras.

ChakrasResonate to the note
Crown Chakra“B”
Third Eye Chakra“A” and “Bb”
Throat Chakra“G and “G#”
Heart Chakra“F” and “F#”
Solar Plexus Chakra“E” and “Eb”
Sacral Chakra“D” and “C#”
Root Chakra“C”

Music is basically sound. If this sound is in tune, it is music. If not, it is noise. Sound is produced through vibrations. Reiki is energy transfer through vibrations. So Reiki can be explained as sound, which is not heard by many because we…

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