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Rainbow Wave of Light

Heavenletter #5342 Published on: July 10, 2015

God said:

You may have been seeking a panacea for life. You would like a cure. You might like to be on the sidelines, someone wise and wonderful who looks on life as if from a distance and nods sagely without being as affected by life as you presently are. Yes, somewhat above it all. Out of the fray. Out of the worry and concern. Simply a researcher doing research. “Ah, that’s how it is,” you say.

In a way you are an observer. You observe life going on right in front of you. You may feel that life hammers you, pulls you up and pulls you down. You don’t know what to expect of life. Life treats you as it wills, and you don’t quite grasp how to treat life as yet. You can’t quite get the hang of it. You’ve tried…

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