Steve Beckow – The Arcturians: Opening Your Heart Is the Key to Higher Consciousness – 7-8-15

Arcturian 2

Steve Beckow

The whole passage from the Arcturians is very interesting. I reproduce it ,here.

“The question that is emerging from the Earth’s experience can be simply put: how is a race that has the potential for the highest consciousness and for the highest ability to shift dimensionally going to resolve the aggression and dominance of the Orion energy. (1) Can that energy be mitigated by love?”

“This again leads us to the central question of how you use your heart energies and your heart chakras. We are very interested in how you choose to work with this energy. As you become more open to the higher dimensions, you will not be able to make sense of many events that are occurring on the planet.

“Perhaps the only way to make sense of the negativity is to realize that many beings on the planet are not resonating with a loving vibration.

“Many [extraterrestrials] say that we are coming here just to observe, but we [Arcturians} have also come here to learn. We are interested in how your heart energy influences your responses to the shifts of consciousness caused by the Earth changes and the many different levels of contractions such as hatred and wars. We are interested in those who have risen above that, and can open their heart chakras. That is a true gift. It is why so many are coming to observe these special people who are lightworkers and who work to open their hearts and unify their mental attainments with their emotions.

“Many extraterrestrial groups are interested in how you are developing and integrating the emotion of love. It is a wonderful experience to see how many of you have dramatically opened your hearts. Opening the heart is the key to unlocking higher consciousness. We are observing how you develop and use this ability for it is the key to your planetary ascension.

“Your abilities to love are great and they have brought to Earth many visitors who want to experience this feeling of love. It is a special feeling that has not evolved within the Lyran civilization or that of Orion. Even the Zeta Reticuli (3) have been interested in this emotion.  They believe that they can genetically inbreed the love factor.

“Unfortunately, it is too early to say whether genetic elements can be used to program an individual to manifest love energy. It has more to do with the development of the heart chakra and the connection with the soul family. Those who are able to provide major love experiences have a deep connection to their soul families and soul groups.”  (2)

So they’re watching us as we open our hearts and begin to live from love.

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