Heavenletter #5336 via Gloria Wendroff: The Pure Glory of Being – 7-5-15

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Heavenletters 5336 The Pure Glory of Being

God said:

The Truth of You bears no resemblance to the harried person you disguise yourself in. You are not this pressured person you think you are.

Sometimes you feel frazzled. However, frazzle is like a hot spell in the weather. There can be a hot spell in the weather. You can experience a heat wave, yet you are not the heat wave. You can have a hot spell, yet a hot spell is outside you. Frazzle is an addendum to the apparent appearance that is not you at all. If you were not hiding out in a body, you would have no clue as to what stress and strain could be. We come back again and again that you are not your body. Your body has temperature. The Essence of You does not. The Essence of You has nothing to do with up or down or any apparent change.

Consider stress like a sauna your body steps into. You are not a sauna. Your body enters a sauna, and your body steps out of a sauna. You can open the door, and you step out the same way you stepped in.

You, outlined in the form of a body, can kick up a storm, yet you can never be a storm. You can erupt like a volcano. You can be called a volcano, yet you are not a volcano. Your body can bear witness to a volcano. Your body can erupt, yet the essence of you remains Pure Being.

You can be called a spit-fire, yet Who You Are bears no resemblance to a spit-fire.

You can don clothes, yet you can never be the clothes you don. In the world you can appear as High Style, yet the Essence of You has nothing to do with style or manners any more than the Essence of You has to do with freckles.

Your head can have frizzy hair, yet frizzy hair has nothing to do with you. Your Being is Being. Being is not something you can comb or spritz Frizz-less spray on. In fact, your Being is always untouched. Being is beyond being affected or adapting affectation. Being is Being. It is no stretch of your imagination.

Your body can hamper you and your mind can hamper you, yet Being is beyond your body and beyond your seeming individual heart and mind. Your beautiful heart can be affected, yet the Beingness of you can’t be anything but what it is – the Pure Glory of Sunlight lighting up the Universe like stars in the sky. Beingness can only be simply what it is.

Yet, how you have to be reminded of your Beingness housed in the illusion of the world.

Being is centered within you. You, in the image of a body can get rattled, yet nothing can touch your Being. God Is, and you ARE. I am formless except as I express Myself through you in a human body on Earth.

The world is a miracle of expression. All the Beauty in the World cannot light a candle to the True Reality of You which is Pure Being. We, the seeming you and I, share Being. We appear like Twinkling Stars and Hot Sun and Cool Moon, and yet We are more than the light that appears to nourish the Universe. Certainly, We are bright light whether you see it or not, yet Our Essence is Being Beyond Description. We do not fit into words.

You can be described on many levels, literally and in beautiful metaphors, yet all the description falls short of the Reality of which you are made. You are beyond image. You are beyond the content of the Whole Universe. Of course, you are beyond, because the Infinite cannot fit into the finite no matter what the greatest of poets may put together in rhyme or iambic pentameter.

“Heavenletter #5336: “The Pure Glory of Being,” received by Gloria Wendroff, July 4, 2015, at http://heavenletters.org/the-pure-glory-of-being.html

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