Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson – Understanding and Awakening Your Ascension – 7-4-15

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Dear beloved ones, we bring forth our vibration of bliss to you, surrounding and submerging you in the qualities of bliss.

This is not a quality of joy, happiness, or delight; it is akin to a cosmic happiness which fills your entire being on all levels, demonstrating to you that the Creator is fully present within your being.

Bliss is like a magic which is born simply from resonance with and acceptance of the Creator, rather than from material objects, experiences, or people.

When you are experiencing bliss, your entire being is rejoicing in the exquisite vibrations of the Creator. Healing and rejuvenation take place, which allows for sensations and acknowledgement of contentment, encouraging truth to arise. Thus, greater states of bliss are experienced as you commune on a deeper level with the Creator, becoming and embodying all that is the Creator.

For us, the Celestial White Beings, the vibration and experience of true bliss is a symbol of being united in oneness with the Creator. When sensations of bliss are continuous, ever expanding and deepening, then one is residing within the core of the Creator, moving in rhythm with the Creator, and embodying the Creator.

The vibrations of bliss, when experienced purely within the emotional body, meaning that bliss blossoms of its own accord within your being, then stirs the soul, asking and encouraging the soul to awaken within the physical body and reality, guiding further.

It is often through the emotional body that the soul can be comprehended and activated, as your emotions and senses allow you to feel and connect with the expansive nature of your soul, which the mind and your thoughts cannot.

When we speak of creating, embodying, and experiencing love within your being, and radiating it into your reality, we are asking you to use your emotional body, and your feelings and senses, to form a state of being which is open, active, expansive, and aware.

From this state, you are more easily able to access and align with the vibrations of the Creator, downloading and arousing the higher aspects of your being, as well as being able to more fully comprehend the expansive nature of the Creator.

Thus, states and sensations of bliss are born, which are a higher frequency of the Creator, born from vibrations and connections of love.

This is why focus upon love and the creation of the Era of Love upon the Earth are essential at this time. The process of manifesting love of all forms within your reality encourages you to enter into states of openness and willingness to connect with and remember the Creator within you.

States and experiences of divine unconditional love stir the soul, allowing the soul to present itself. The body and entire being then react, due to the presence of the soul creating states of bliss which further heighten the downloading of the Creator and your soul.

Focus upon love is immensely important to aid divine remembrance of the Creator, which is in truth the stirring of the soul in manifestation and realisation.

Our energy, the Celestial White Beings, holds the vibration of the origin of the Creator. We supported the creation of the Earth with our creative original essence. Whenever you connect with us, we remind you of your own original essence, the core of the Creator, which is so familiar to your soul.

This creates an instant awakening, alignment, and remembrance, deeply supportive to the ascension of your soul. The blissful vibrations you recognise in our pure white energy are that of cosmic awakening, alignment, and remembrance, peeling away all forms of illusions to bring forth truth.

With this understanding of bliss, you can recognise the healing powers within our light, which are always available to you, and how we can support your acceleration of resonance with the Creator.

To resonate with and as the Creator is to react as the Creator. Observing your reactions is a powerful way of moving through illusion into truth and clarity.

It is your divine purpose to ensure your reactions are born from a space of truth, alignment, and expression of the Creator, as your reactions are also your creations, fuelling and manifesting within your reality.

When your reactions are born from a space of love and maybe at a later time bliss within you, then you know you are unifying yourself with the truth of your being; the Creator.

We, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to take time to observe whether your reactions fuel your creations, and therefore experiences. By noticing the energy present within your reactions, you can recognise if it is the same energy present within the situations and circumstances presented by you, to you, in your reality.

We also invite you to experience our pure white light to build and awaken vibrations of love and bliss within your being, thus aiding further remembrance and alignment with the Creator to consciously evolve.

‘Beloved Celestial White Beings, I call upon your celestial and cosmic vibrational pure white light to enfold my entire being.

‘I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to form and awaken frequencies of love within my being.

‘May my inner love stir my soul to become in greater action within my being and reality. I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to form and awaken frequencies of bliss within my being.

‘May my inner states of bliss stir my soul to become in greater action and embodiment within my being and reality.

‘I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to form and awaken frequencies of remembrance with and resonance of the Creator within my being.

‘May my inner states of alignment stir my soul to become a pure reaction of truth from within my being, creating and manifesting the Creator through my expressions eternally.

‘I recognise the process of ascension taking place within my being, and the journey of healing and evolution I can experience through emotional states of love and bliss.

‘I am my truth now, and I invite the Celestial White Beings to support my conscious awareness and experience of this in my present moment.

‘May your light enfold me now, stirring my soul into manifestation with my conscious acceptance. Thank you.’

We invite you to sit or lie down, simply breathing our pure vibrations into your being, free from expectation, with a simple knowingness and truth within your awareness. Let us be of service and healing to you.

Due to the high quantity of the original energy and essence of the Creator within our light, we also invite you to hold the intention of dissolving illusions and expectations while calling upon our energy to unfold you.

In a time when love is the pathway to remembrance and heightened states of consciousness, we wish to make you aware that expectations hinder your spiritual evolution.

Intentions are a focus fuelled by divine energy. However, expectations are a focus fuelled by and engaged with attachment, and, in truth, the feeling of lack.

Emotional feelings and states of lack fuel a reality of separation, which causes pain and suffering on many levels of your being. Such energies and experiences are not aligned with the Era of Love, and so are require to be dissolved, dispersed, and erased, in order to offer a space and freedom for the experiences of bliss.

‘Beloved Celestial White Beings, I call upon your celestial and cosmic vibrational pure white light to enfold my entire being.

‘I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to dissolve, disperse, and erase any or all inappropriate illusions and expectations which are hindering and blocking my ascension, spiritual evolution, and remembrance of the Creator.

‘As I let go of and consciously become aware of illusions and expectations born from my creations, I encourage my soul to stir becoming in greater action within my being and reality. Thank you.’

We invite you to sit or lie down to receive our light and a deep healing to aid your resonance with and as the Creator.

In sacred bliss,
Celestial White Beings

“Celestial White Beings: Understanding and Awakening Your Ascension,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, July 3, 2015 at http://omna.co.uk/understanding-and-awakening-your-ascension-by-the-celestial-white-beings/

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