Short Update From Clif High – July ‘Fireworks’ Will Really Take Off Around The 8th – 7-1-15

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July ‘fireworks’ will really take off (according to ST data) around the 8th.

Processing now for the next report. Lots of tuning, and new linguistic structures to categorize therefore some significant preparation work prior to report. Form of report not yet decided. Will post scheduled availability when we can.

IM & ST data are suggesting that ‘fire’ meme is not yet done. Further that a ‘long caravan/convoy’ will be ‘stranded’, and have to rely on ‘native/local assistance’ which in its turn will ‘create conditions’ in which something of a ‘cultural break-through/epiphany’ will occur which, in its turn, is showing as ‘shattering’ the ‘solidity of corportate media’. This, later in 2015/2016 is indicated to ‘remove (the floor) from (temple) hollywood’. Hmmm….

Clif High..

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