Pleiadian Delegate – Future and Past Timelines, Now – 6-30-15


Pleiadian Delegate   –   Future and Past Timelines, Now   –   6-30-15

I have experimented with Consciousness since Being here on Planet Earth. The Impact of Creating changes through changing Things in the so-called Past or the So Called Future has a powerful effect in the NOW. When done through the conscious awareness of the NOW which many would call ~ Zero Point. Remember words are simply words, they only point to”the” experience.

If we were to take someone not fully conscious of Being awake and take them into the past through a time Portal, the impact would be great, However the level of  The “Awakeness”  in Consciousness within the Matter is the GREATEST Factor in creating Changes in Reality, throughout ALL time and Space. The Impact of the Consciousness fully aware of itself, as being in a state of Self-Realization consciously is what  directs the powerful Laser like focus of the Zero Point Conscious Awareness to the Directed experience of choice, through free will.

One can attempt to manipulate matter through the mind, and come up with some impressive feats, through free will. YET when one is united with the Eternal Aspect of Being, ONE consciously impacts ALL Matter, consciously. This includes the Matter of all Light that composes cellular consciousness. The Cellular Consciousness and the Frequency of communication of Light then works as One in a cohesive Manner, that aligns the direction of the WILL ~ with the Being~ of the Consciousness of the Will and the Light~ as One. One Will. One Heart. One Direction. One Being. Impacting ALL Being. All Light. All of Reality.

Everything is always impacting all matter, However, I am referring to CONSCIOUSLY impacting ALL matter throughout all TIME and Space, throughout ALL DIMENSIONS and  throughout all PARALLEL worlds NOW.

As you Begin to Open up through your Heart and experience Reality through Being Self Realized, you will See there is no Separation. That the You here, is just as Present as the You in the Future. As the You in Atlantis. As the You, that existed always.

This is your Presence, this is your Essence. Your BEING.

You may call this Zero Point, the Void, the Shunyata, the Still Point, Nothingness, Emptiness. Yet these are all words and words represent concepts.

Light is Light. Love is Love. Presence is Presence. It simply IS. And You ARE. Being.

When you Awake to Pure Being ~ You will understand your Being, you will KNOW All Time as One. And You will Travel in your Awareness to Many worlds all at Once. And consciousness that is the Awareness of Being the All, Now, will Enter into through the Awareness The Being, In the New Earth.

It EXISTS now, it DOES. Parallel Worlds of the New Earth Exist Now. The Future you There, exists Now. And it is in this HEART Stillness that you Awaken into the UNION that you Already Are.

It has always been Now and always Will Be.

When you Access this Being, that you Already Are, then you Will Be in Heaven, in the Here and Now. And there you will find Me. Because I have always Been. As I Am, Now and Forever, No Beginning, No End.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!

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