ZORRA BRINGS CURRENT PLANETARY UPDATES – Summary below – Zorra’s new spaceship: blast away Near Earth Objects – Force field surrounds Earth – No www 3 – No Nibiru catastrophe – SoCal earthquakes – Attitude changes weather – Become peace and harmony, no fear – Calm coming storms – Your power is in Mother Nature – Ascension is Coming! – Abundance comes from your Hearts! – Share what you have – Raise your Vibration – 6-27-15

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Here is a call FILLED with current planetary information we will not find any place else!

Zorra’s new 2,000 ft aero ship! And this video shows what he did with a 450-ft vessel!  Thank you Zorra for protecting our planet! – Will Nibiru crash into Earth this November? – World War III? — Zorra: “We can “re-create” the movie ‘When the Earth Stood Still.” — Where does Free Will stop?? –  Sink holes?” –  Earth changes? –  A “zipper?” – HAARP? – RV? Yes! Don’t let others’ “answers” draw your energies down! —  Pleiadian vessel just materialized over ISIS! –  Home mortgages? — “Survival mode?” —  Blue crystal skulls? —  Chinese Dragon Families –  Prime Creator met the Iraqi Parliament – the UN – WHAT did they SEE?? —  CERN? — Does ISIS have an A-bomb?  —  WHO said “dinar is of the dark?” – Wrong!! —  Some are in lack – some have over-abundance…  —  Surface Collective’s current frequency? — Headbands – Healing rods – Summer Sale.  —  Can Switzerland Particle Accelerator create “black hole?” —  FLEAS? Energetic non-toxic removal!!  Recipe for solution THAT WORKS! — New owner,  Wells Fargo??! — How Chinese contract will happen —  Handling autism energetically – Orgone Healing Machine? — Healing Pulse www.HollowEarthNetwork.com



As described in June 27 2015 Blog Talk Radio Show – this 2013 video shows Zorra’s ship coming in from behind, his ship’s force field set to match that of the asteroid.  This allows Zorra to enter the asteroid.  Once in – Zorra increases his ship’s force field far above that of the asteroid – and explodes the incoming missile.

You can see Zorra’s ship, on same trajectory, emerging on the other side and flying away just before the asteroid explodes. This was done in 2013 with Zorra’s 450-foot ship. On the June 27 2015 BTR Show, it was announced that Zorra now has a ship 2,000 feet in diameter and his primary purpose is to protect Planet Earth from any near-Earth meteors, asteroids, etc.  And with a 2,000 foot diameter ship with which to do this – those on Planet Earth need have no fear of ANY incoming, harmful space objects.

2-Minutes with narration (he just didn’t “know!”)

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