Steve Beckow – Gold Mine of Information – 6-28-15

A number of readers have asked about Jade Helm. Here is Matthew’s comment on the matter:

“Numerous readers in the United States have expressed concern that the military training exercise called Jade Helm is a ‘red flag’ so the government can declare martial law, confiscate guns, and put dissenters in FEMA camps to undergo brainwashing.

“This is no different from the many other instances that also were labeled ‘red flags’—either outright false information disseminated to create panic or the assumption of individuals who tend to ascribe sinister intentions to whatever the government does. Please do not be drawn into the fear that is the basis of this melodrama from ‘either/or’ source.” (Matthew’s Message, June 24, 2015.)

While I used to provide the service of tracking down rumors (such as the rumor that Jade Helm was an attempt to take over the U.S. Government), etc., that time is long, long past.

But I do wish to point you to several resources on this site that I think many people may not be aware of.

The site is like a large piece of luggage with several compartments. If you take a moment to learn where the compartments (resources) are, you’ll tap into a large amount of pertinent information. Here they are:

(1) The Wikis

There are several wikis or databases attached to the site. The one of interest to most people is First Contact, which is a database of channeled material on all the themes we’re pursuing here: Ascension, Disclosure, abundance, accountability, the galactics, celestials and masters, vasanas, the constructed self, on and on. That resource can be accessed here:

There are several more wikis that can be seen from the main portal ( These include dictionaries or wikis on life after death (New Maps of Heaven, at, enlightenment (From Darkness Unto Light, at, and gender persecution (Gender Persecution, at

I no longer have the time to routinely add quotes to the Wiki. As soon as money becomes available, I’ll be hiring someone to go back to Nov. 2014 and add the relevant material from that point till now so that the wiki is up-to-date and full in its treatment.

But I do still add the most important quotes I see.

(2) The Library/Archive

There are thousands of articles dating back to September 2009 on all aspects of the Golden Age, located in the Library. The entrance is found by clicking on “Library Archive” in the banner or go here:

(3) The search function

Enter anything you wish in the search box (“Jade Helm,” for instance) and it’ll bring up anything on the site that contains that phrase.

If you want to be as specific in your search as possible, surround the phrase you enter in quotation marks (“Jade Helm”). That way you won’t get an article on a sea captain who wore jade and took the helm of the ship. I use the search function multiple times a day.

(4) Downloadable Books

I am currently uploading many of the books I’ve written to this area. Building Nova Earth is up there, Back to the Garden. I’ll soon have Growing in Every Direction at Once there and more titles.

Everything on this site is free. You have to get the humor in the fact that one person is charging people to get onto his site, one of whose offerings is Building Nova Earth. So people are paying to get what they could get from this site free. Ah me.

You’re welcome to use the material you find here for any purpose connected to the Mother’s divine plan. There’s no cost, no copyright, and no need to cite the source. (1) Just get the word out.

Sheldan’s sources said recently that the task will fall to us to make the newly-awakened aware of all that’s happening and calm their fears. Here’s the information you need to accomplish that task.


(1) No need to say that a certain quote from Matthew came from Building Nova Earth. Just credit Matthew.


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