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by Michelle Walling, CHLC,
Staff writer, In5D.com

Every living thing on the planet is affected when Mother Earth raises her vibration. In order to exist on the planet with her as she ascends, all living organisms will need to match or exceed her vibratory rate in order to continue living in the new harmonized ecosystem.

Many pets are already vibrating at a higher rate than wild animals. Just like humans were seeded from other planets, our plants and animals were seeded from various places and integrated into the complex plant and animal kingdom hierarchies. For example, dolphins, whales, and some dogs are said to come from the planet Sirius and are here to hold the highest vibratory rate possible to help Mother Earth shift her frequency up. Cats, birds, and horses are also some examples of pets that can hold a high vibrational rate.

Animals have a collective group consciousness, meaning they have an individualized personality but are connected to a hive mind oversoul. If another animal is in that group’s hive mind, they can communicate telepathically with each other but most choose third dimensional sounds such as barking, meowing, singing, etc. to send individual vibrations to be interpreted by another. An animal soul is always growing and learning as an individual even when connected to a hive mind consciousness, just as humans are connected in consciousness and come from oversouls that are connected to this Universal creator.

Negative and disharmonic animals

Just as humans begin to split into groups of people who are raising their vibration to a light polarity away from people who choose not to awaken and continue a darker, negative polarity, so will the nature world split in vibration. Because cats, dogs, birds, and most pets are mostly in sync with the planet, adapting to vibration change will be a natural shift for them.

Some animals may not be able to stay on the planet if they are not able to adapt to a more peaceful way of life. Even though any species of animal existing today is a part of a food chain of survival, not all animals are here out of peace and harmony. As for insects, reptiles, and arachnids that are aggressive to humans and other animals ( e.g. wasps, mosquitoes, gnats, scorpions, spiders, ticks, asps, etc…), it seems that we could do without being attacked by them. What happens to aggressive animals such as poisonous snakes, coyotes, bears, etc. will depend on what they will need to eat to survive and whether they are capable of unconditional love. This will be an interesting thing to watch unfold as some animals begin to leave the planet in large numbers.

Assisting your pet’s soul growth

Most pets can show us how to graduate by example. They know nothing but unconditional love when they are born. Pets selflessly emit this love to us and it is up to us to return that love in order to complete the circle of energy. People that abuse animals or neglect them due to the negative vibrations and unconsciousness behavior will have to balance this out before they will be able to graduate.

It is important to care for your pets in a loving manner to provide assistance for them during the extreme polarity separation that is occurring at this time. Just as humans needs clean, organic food and water in order to stay in a high vibration, our pets need this as well. Try to feed your pets organic or natural foods and un-fluoridated water.

Pets are also sensitive to energy fields around humans and can sense negative stuck energy as well as loving, high vibrational energy. Some dogs, for example, are a great judge of character as they can often see energy fields that people are not able to see. Our pets can actually emulate what we are carrying with us energetically so that we can see what needs to be cleared. Aggressive, snappy dogs may simply be serving their owner in emulation in order to show them what it is they need to clear. Often times they take on emotional energies for their owners through their selfless service of healing.

As we raise our frequency we will be able to better communicate with our pets and other sentient life on a telepathic level. Trees, flowers, and other living things are patiently waiting for us to merge our energy fields with theirs in communication. This is an amazing benefit of the ascension of higher consciousness communication and awareness that all will benefit from.

Pets are here to hold unconditional love for the planet and its inhabitants. They have the opportunity to ascend in consciousness right along with us and will naturally separate from other aggressive pets, insects, and other animals that do not fit into a high vibrational natural template. Most animals are helping humans and the Earth to make the shift into a higher vibrational existence, and will be here right along side of us when we do. Keeping a high vibration along with your pets will most likely assure that your pet will ascend in vibration and consciousness right along with you.


Photo credit: Roxana Isela

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