DANA MRKICH – Solstice Solar Synchronicity – 6-23-15

Dana Mrkich

Dana Mrkich


Solar synchronicity – the Solstice has occurred simultaneously to 6 M Class Solar Flares occurring so far, and with each one being stronger than the next more are likely to come.

I have lost count of the amount of times I get a sudden burst of writing energy after a period of relative quiet only to discover that the Sun is erupting high-grade Solar Flares after a relative period of quiet. All this energy can manifest as creative drive, but it can also manifest as anger or irritability arising out of nowhere: liken it to being plugged into an electric socket. It’s either going to rev you up in a good way, or short-circuit you for a bit leaving you feeling a bit frayed and on edge.Β 

Neither is better or worse – however you experience the electro-magnetic affects of a Flare is how your body most needs to process that energy at the time. Being aware that Flares are happening can help you deal with them as consciously as possible. So rather than fly off the handle all day toward people, you can just stop and take a breath. You might feel your adrenalin pumping and heart racing (of course always get medical advice if something is concerning you). If you are feeling a bit scattered, be sure to do something to ground yourself: go for a walk, get out in nature, have a bath, go for a swim in the ocean, lie on the grass, or do something creative to get the energy out in good way eg writing, cooking, baking, gardening, art, craft etc.

How are you feeling today?

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  1. Yes I’m certainly feeling it and really enjoying the bursts of energy, flow and joy πŸ™‚ I’ve experience laughter just popping out of my mouth for no particular reason and it’s bliss πŸ™‚ I will take your advice to ground it a little as well πŸ™‚ Thanks, Sharon


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