“Public Statement By Tracy Davison” – Update on M1 – Global Debt Forgiveness & Prosperity


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2 thoughts on ““Public Statement By Tracy Davison” – Update on M1 – Global Debt Forgiveness & Prosperity”

  1. This M-1 stuff is a bunch of bunk. Karen Hudes is the legal council for the Global Debt Facility that both represents and holds the physical gold and other valuable assets that are being apportioned to the countries of the world as the new gold-backed system for the countries of the world. Fiat notes and the Federal Reserve is in receivership by the IMF whose council oversees the distribution of the gold that the Global Debt Facility now holds. The International Courts of Justice and the Federal Reserve tried to claim this gold but there attempts were thwarted and both of those entities are now bankrupt and in receivership.

    The M-1, Chinese Dragon Family, save the world and make everyone an overnight millionaire is a bunch of bunk. Watch Karen Hudes videos or review the documents themselves on her twitter page if you want to know the true chronology of events going on behind the scenes.
    Ms. Hudes is the real deal who is the official legal council representing the world’s gold reserves at the Global Debt Facility.
    This M-1 is a bunch of silly smoke and mirrors, cloak and dagger fantasy-fairy tale stuff designed to keep people distracted from Karen and the real monetized distribution of the people’s wealth that was set aside in the GDF by all the countries of the world soon after WWll.


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