UTE POSEGGA-RUDEL – The Blue Avians – Liberation of Earth – Messages from the Realms of Light – 6-20-15

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I am sure most of you have now heard about the Blue Avians, who are known for their justness.

Their origin is close to the Great Central Sun. Although they do not need a physical form, they appear as huge blue birds with feathered wings. Not long ago they entered with spaceships, huge as Jupiter, our solar system to help liberating it from the dark forces and restore peace on earth.

I made telepathic contact with them. The contact was rather non-verbal and they made themselves known to me via the capacity of the heart to “know” and to see. Perhaps this was so easy for me because their energy felt quite familiar to me, as I remembered them ….

Here is a short update about what has been shown to me without any doubt and great certainty:

They are wonderful and very loving beings. Their energy is perfectly straight and upright. Their weapon is their unwavering incorruptibility and honesty and they never become entangled with anything. In their presence no falsehood can exist. It simply crumbles away. They are just an embodiment of rightness that feels very warm.

This is a strength which is an aspect of Divine mere Being, that makes them absolutely strong and invincible in the cosmos without the need to fight, as they are merely present in a Divinely lawful manner with a power of unshakable greatness that is very hard to describe with words.

They showed me that when we connect with them and are open to them, we draw this powerful energy down to our corrupted planet. I saw that if enough of us cultivate a relationship with the Blue Avians, our planet would stop being tossed around and abused quickly: morally, energetically and spiritually.

They say many saints in our history had a connection with them and were known for their independent, firm and uncompromising, but very loving character.

As their appearance reminds me of the Seraphim I asked  whether they are related to them. And they answered that my guess was “close”. (Whatever this means)

I asked them for a message for humanity and they conveyed: everything has been already said for now …

While I am writing I feel their soft but firm presence in my heart and the urgency to publish this.

May we celebrate the liberation of earth soon!

With much love and gratitude,


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