Let’s Take the “WooWoo” Factor Out of Distance Healing

Reiki With Friends

Article by Patti Deschaine, Reiki Rays

Distance healing? Really? What kind of nonsense is this? Send Reiki over time and space? Preposterous! Our earth bound psyches call out for a logical, concrete explanation.

And yet…the simple fact is, you can absolutely send Reiki over time and space. It’s being done all over the world, right now, even as you read these words.

Pure, universal healing sent with love and light from one location to another, some with specific targets, some sent free form to the earth, sea, skies. Healing the land, animals, people and situations across town or across the world.

If you have trouble with the concept, think of radio waves, you can’t see them, but still they manage to broadcast the latest pop song to your radio. You can’t see your neighbor’s wifi but if you knew the secret code, you could use it to surf the web.

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