New Beginnings – Don’t turn your back…

Suzanne Bertolas

IMG_20150617_072630 Two morning doves, on my walk with Maggie today.

Sometimes, it takes getting past old worn out patterns that did work for you in order to start new and fresh in a similar but not quite the same direction.

Sometimes you just need to change your own way of thinking and stop expecting others to fill in your blanks…so to speak.

Quite often you see the end result in your mind of what you want to achieve when you work so hard on a project or relationship. Ultimately you want your heart to feel good after all of your efforts. You want happiness, success, acceptance and understanding from family and your peers.

When that actually does transpire, it makes you feel good, like you have achieved a level of status amongst your friends and family. You feel like the struggles of completing the task or helping a friend were…

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