Ride Positive Winds of Change Ahead of Solstice | Selacia

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Ride Positive Winds of Change Ahead of Solstice | Selacia

A new lighter energy is coming in this week through Solstice. Take advantage of this by planting some new seeds in tandem with Tuesday’s new moon. Contemplate specific changes you want to see manifest over the coming weeks. Energies now support new approaches, new ideas, and unheard of breakthroughs. You must be present, mindful and heart-connected to access and act for optimal results.

New moons typically are like a doorway to new starts. This particular one is even more powerful, its energy reverberating for a couple of weeks.

Solstice and Post Wesak

Keep this at the top of your mind throughout this week leading up to Solstice and Post Wesak celebrations with the Masters who set the template for enlightenment on Earth. The beneficial energies of those beings is quite potent and palpable in these moments. Consciously tune…

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