THE RE-ASCENSION OF ONE’S EARTHLY AWARENESS TO THE SHIPS – Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Rananda Kumara – Via walk-in Commander Zanna @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness – 6-13-15

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What follows applies to those that are “First Wave Wayshowers” or GFL “Ground Crew” that have been working on the Mother Earth, and whose tour of duty is now finished.  Many of these 5D and 6D volunteers have been working on the Earth since the start of the evolution 26,000 years ago, that has just ended on the 21st December 2012.

The prerequisite for reascension to the ships is to be in communication with one’s Higher Self, of whom one is a Soul Aspect working on detached duty upon the Earth. One’s Higher Self will be holding a position in one of the ships of the GFL, and one’s aim is to reblend within Her / Him.

The first event leading to one’s reascension occurs when one is allocated a walk-in by one’s Higher Self.  One may experience the arrival of this walk-in during one’s meditation, or in the dream state.  The walk-in is likely to be a relative or a friend in the Higher Realm, and may or may not tell you His / Her name.  If not please ask.  The presence of the walk-in enables one to walk-out, leaving the walk-in in charge of one’s life on the Earth, but there are further steps to take before one can walk-out.

QUAN YIN beautiful new...The second event occurs when one is given a date for one’s reascension. An ascension Counselor and a Sponsor are appointed for one’s reascension and return to the ships, and one will be given a date for this by one’s ascension Counselor.  This date may be given as the moment when one sign of the zodiac gives way to another (e g “When the Bull gives way to the Twins”.)

There is a thread of Golden Light that joins one’s Higher Self in the ships, to one’s physical form upon the Earth;- actually it is more like a fine, Golden tube of Light.  As one releases the dark energies that hold down the vibrational frequency of one’s physical cells, they will rise in frequency and the tube of Golden Light will grow greater in diameter.

The third event occurs when this tube of Golden Light has grown great enough in diameter to allow one’s Higher Self to descend through it from the ship and ensoul one’s physical form alongside one’s walk-in and one’s earthly awareness. This event is known as “Reblending”.  One may `feel’ this event as it occurs, as a feeling of `Joy’ or a tingle at one’s Crown chakra, and be informed of it by one’s Higher Self.  If one still has some earthly attachments and / or dark energies to release, one’s Higher Self may be unable to tolerate them for very long, and retreat back up to the ships, to continue His / Her work there while one releases them.

The fourth event occurs when the date given for one’s ascension arrives.  One may be informed in meditation or in one’s dream state, that a great event in one’s life is to take place on that date and that one should attune to one’s Higher Self in the ship to experience it. The amount that one  experiences of this may vary greatly, depending on the strength of one’s attunement.  In a great ceremony and celebration, aboard the great Pleiadian mothercraft, “The White Winds”, one will be initiated to 6D or 7D by great Light Beings such as Lord Sananda Kumara and Lord Sanat Kumara.  This initiation is the reward for all of one’s dedicated service as a volunteer upon the Earth over many millenia.  Those that originally descended to Earth from 5D will be initiated to 6D and those that descended from 6D will be initiated to 7D and will be made a Lord / Lady Of Light or “Adonai”. (Plural “Adonim”)

One’s ascension is followed by a period of indefinite length, upon the Earth, during which one will be prompted by one’s Higher Self to withdraw one’s attention from all of one’s earthly attachments, such as the spiritual work that one has historically engaged in and one’s attachments to family and friends upon the Earth.

The fifth and final event in one’s reascension to the ships is the transfer of one’s earthly awareness from the Earth, to reblend with one’s Higher Self in the ships, leaving one’s walk-in in charge of one’s life on the Earth.  When one has withdrawn one’s attention sufficiently from earthly attachments and has transmuted to Light most of one’s residual dark energies, one will be given a date for the transfer of one’s earthly awareness to reblend with one’s Higher Self in the ships.  This date will coincide with an astronomical or astrological alignment, and many others will reascend within the same ceremony. On that date, one’s Mate in the Higher Realm will descend through the tube of Golden Light and will pull one out in one’s earthly awareness, and up the tube of Golden Light to the ship.

A great celebration will take place in the great auditorium in the great Pleiadian mothercraft, “The White Winds” to welcome the reascendents “Home”.  It will be attended by their friends and Star Families in the Higher Realm.

After one has reascended and reblended with one’s Higher Self, one will be able to look down the tube of Golden Light at will, and witness events on the Earth through the eyes of one’s walk-in.  One may also be channeled by one’s walk-in, in the Name of one’s Higher Self, to one’s friends and family upon the Earth.

Thus is one’s return “Home” completed.

Lord Sanat Kumara and Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Commander Zanna on  8th June 2015.

Love from Cdr Zanna.  ❤

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