Cobra interview 7th June 2015 ~ Posted June14, 2015

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Ok folks,,,there’s a LOT going on right now, mostly behind the scenes, as humanity, the cabal (Illuminati), the Resistance Forces, and our of-world allies prepare for completion of our “end-times”. There are some good resources we have for information, although…there is a LOT of disinformation out there as well. Me…I kind of like to read all the information out there and then determine what feels true for me.

I pay a lot of attention to what Sophia Love has to say on her blog, Through the guidance I have found through Sophia’s writings, I have been able to (finally) determine who I AM in that I firmly understand that I AM a spiritual BEing currently inhabiting a human body. Knowing this, I AM now unafraid to delve deeply into my self for my truths, as well a slowly learning to be unafraid of, well…everything!

This inner knowledge also allows…

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