MOTHER GOD ( Mother Source ) – Our Programming – How To Break Free – Channel Panel – Kathryn E May, Channeler – 6-11-15


Dr Kathryn E May, Channeler

You can hear the broadcast of this show at the link below.


Mother/Source will come to talk with us about her Mini-Messages, and how she sees our progress toward Ascension.

Archangel Michael will come because it is so much fun when he does.

Sananda will be there too, to help us plan the next phase of our Enlightenment training:  What we will need to learn, how we can best open our hearts and minds to free ourselves of the last shadows of programming from the years under the slavery system of the Anunnaki trained cabal.

It is time for us to come fully into our Mastery.  The Company of Heaven is here to help us achieve our goals.

There will be time for questions from callers, so come talk with Mother, Sananda, Michael, Kathryn, Christine and Jade, our youngest channel and teenage advisor.

Come share a wondrous evening with us!

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