8 Feng Shui Tips To Keep You Grounded & Empowered

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Empowerment in the modern world has never been more easy or more difficult, depending on how you view it.

We’re now all connected in a truly global way, and though we may have a zillion easy ways to communicate and more access than ever before to incredible information…

… so many of us feel disconnected.

Many clients come to me seeking empowerment — a feeling of fulfillment and having a life of purpose – while they struggle to reconcile that desire with their modern life of hyper-speed everything.

In feng shui, when you live a life largely driven by mental processes – texting, typing, reading, watching, thinking – you have an excess of metal energy. In layman’s terms: you get stuck in your head.

It’s so ironic that so much mental labor can lead you to feel totally out of your mind.

This excess of mental “metal energy” manifests…

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