Message From Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – More Weather Anomilies – Earth strives to bring Balance Within – 6-7-15

Hilarion by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

As the days move forward there will continue to be more weather anomalies as the Earth strives to bring balance within. There are many ancient energies that were buried in the past now being brought to the surface. These are recognizable as feelings of sadness, anxiousness and worry, for in the past, many were the people who lived in constant fear, for their lives were not their own. They were subjugated and literally owned by others who controlled their daily lives with an iron fist. There was no empathy or regard for the sanctity of their lives and their lives could at any time be destroyed.

This energy is rising in the collective consciousness of humanity and is experienced with a feeling of heaviness, the sense of heavy burdens which are hard to dissipate and clear. Know, Dear Ones, these are temporary in nature and try not to become engaged when and if, they surface, in your thoughts and feelings. They are being cleared from the collective field by those who volunteered for this task. When one is aware of what is happening, it becomes easier to deal with it. Awareness means self-empowerment. It means that you were deemed able to transmute these energies through the power of love.

As these deep layers are brought to the surface, more revelations are also exposed to the awareness of humanity. All that was successfully hidden by those individuals who misused their power in times past can no longer keep it suppressed from public scrutiny. Humanity in general is waking up to the realization that their world is much different than they were told and perceived it was. Everyone is growing weary with the constant changes taking place.

These changes are bringing to light all that needs to be addressed in the world systems in order that more equitable and enlightened practices replace all that is not serving the individual and greater good of Earth’s inhabitants. It is a challenging endeavour but will become easier as these reformations occur. There will come a time when the consensus amongst all the people of the world will be that peace is their highest priority.

As it takes root, stay strong and steadfast as that consensus becomes the new reality here on Earth. Your loving efforts are bringing it ever closer.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion


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