PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Andromedan – Beings of Light – 6-5-15

LauraJuly2013Pleiadian Delegate

Amdromedans ~ so very close to my Heart. They are VERY high Frequency Beings ~Loving ~ Angelic Like in their Service to the Evolution of the Universe ~Loving All Beings Everywhere, holding all in the One Heart of Divine Love.

They work closely with Advanced Vibrations of Sound and Light, through their Hearts, uplifting all through their Love. There are many on Earth now bringing forth the Love of the Andromedans, through their Advanced Vibrational Frequency, not needing to be Known, yet holding all in the Healing vibration of Love.

If you Are very sensitive to Vibration and have Telekinetic Power, and very sensitive to sound, gifted with music and your voice, and are  clairaudient, and you have influenced the movement of objects, bent spoons, changed electricity, etc. and are very telepathic then you may have an Andromedan Lineage and incarnated on Planet Earth to bring forth Your Andromedan Message and Love. 

Just as there are Angelic Humans, Sirian Humans, Pleiadian Humans, Arcturian Humans there are also Andromedan Humans on Planet Earth. Your Soul is One with all aspects of your Being, which include your incarnations on Earth as well as any incarnations you may have that include Being a different Species.

Within your Original Blueprint is your personal record of all of your incarnations. Your Blueprint is not part of Mass Consciousness. It is your Soul record. Your Soul is not damaged or effected by Mass Consciousness. When you fully access and activate your Original Blueprint in its original State of Pure Being, you will be accessing your True Multidimensional Being, your Eternal Soul, your Immortal Body of Light.

In this State of Pure Union, through Your Heart, in your Original State of Pure Being, all the gifts that are part of Your True Being~ Your Soul, as Source, will be Natural to you, as You are Limitless, Unconditional Love and Pure Light.

Stay Present in your Heart, and as You are Restored in your Awareness to your Pure Original Being, stay present with Your Vibration, and Your Heart. The next time you influence electricity, or move objects, remember you may also exist as Andromedan. Your Heart and your Soul ~ Knows. Your Heart and Soul are the Keys to your Original Pure Being.

More soon, Eternal Souls of Light!


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