STEVE BECKOW – Slipping under the Waves – 6-4-15

Bliss 3427

Steve Beckow

OK, now I’m captured by the bliss. I’ve slipped and fallen into the ocean of ectsasy.

I’ll do my best to describe it.

Archangel Michael called it a sense of well-being. (1) Yes, there’s nothing wrong in this space. All is well. All is good.

This space is the combination of every peak moment I’ve had in my life – Christmases, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, first loves, baby births, vacations, all rolled into one and played endlessly, without any one minute being less than ecstatic, enjoyable and sweet.

When I was a kid and milk was delivered to our door in glass bottles, the cream would rise to the top. On summer days, I’d be up before Mom and sip the cream from the bottle, with a big grin on my face. Bliss is like sipping the cream from the bottle.

When I feel bliss, there’s nothing I want. I couldn’t care less about any of the worries that we carry day to day.

Gone is all memory of anything untoward from any period of my life. Gone is my life. There’s only this moment and this moment is sublime.

I’m happy. I’m grateful. I feel all the higher qualities because all of them are subsumed in bliss. Archangel Michael called it the deepest form of connection. Yes, I feel as close to God when I’m blissful as I could ever be and as close to everyone else, although I must say I’m not drawn to company.

I couldn’t possibly make small talk right now. I’d run away from Skype. I couldn’t stop being blissful if someone’s relative died. I’d be judged as inappropriate, insensitive, and selfish. Maybe even locked up in olden times as the village fool.

Bliss has amazingly bad manners. It can be seen as hugely inappropriate. It lives by its own rules and codes and doesn’t care a whit for our closest relative or the regime in power.

It’s like being carried along on a tide of joy. Life could not better be.

I’m led to believe this is the case in the Fifth Dimension. This is what awaits us. And this is what our natural state of being is – not some state we need to attain – but the default, what remains when everything else that hides and blocks this state is gone.

We just need to give what needs to go a royal push.

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