MEDITATION BY SANANDA – YOU’RE ASCENDING – by J’Tariah En Ra El – World Healing, Ascension Invocation Meditation – It is Time Now to Together Co-Create Heaven on Earth (Terra Nova) – We Are One and We Are Light! – 6-4-15


World Healing Ascension Invocation Meditation by Sananda — It is Time Now to Together Co-Create Heaven on Earth (Terra Nova) — We Are One and We Are Light!


World Healing Ascension Invocation Meditation

by Sananda

channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad

To be said Out Loud Each Day, Several Times a Day 
(cut, then paste and print)


World Healing Ascension Invocation Meditation

In the beginning 
In the beginning God. 
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 
And God said Let there be Light; and there was Light. 

Now is the time of the NEW beginning. 
I am a co-creator with God, and it is a new Heaven that comes, 
as the Good Will of God is expressed on Earth through me. 
It is the Kingdom of Light, Love, Peace and Understanding. 
And I am doing my part to reveal its Reality. 

I begin with me. 
I am a living Soul and the Spirit of God dwells in me, as me. 
I and the Father are One, and all that the Father has is mine. 
In Truth, I am the Christ of God. 

What is true of me is true of everyone, for God is all and all is God. 
I see only the Spirit of God in every Soul. 
And to every man, woman and child on Earth I say: 
I love you, for you are me. You are my Holy Self. 

I now open my heart, and let the pure essence of Unconditional Love pour out. 
I see it as a Golden Light radiating from the center of my Being, 
And I feel its Divine Vibration in and through me, above and below me. 

I am one with the Light. 
I am filled with the Light. 
I am illumined by the Light. 
I am the Light of the world. 

With purpose of mind, I send forth the Light. 
I let the radiance go before me to join the other Lights. 
I know this is happening all over the world at this moment. 
I see the merging Lights. 
There is now one Light. We are the Light of the world. 

The one Light of Love, Peace and Understanding is moving. 
It flows across the face of the Earth, 
touching and illuminating every soul in the shadow of the illusion. 
And where there was darkness, there is now the Light of Reality. 

And the Radiance grows, permeating, saturating every form of life. 
There is only the vibration of one Perfect Life now. 
All the kingdoms of the Earth respond, 
and the Planet is alive with Light and Love. 

There is total Oneness, 
and in this Oneness we speak the Word. 
Let the sense of separation be dissolved. 
Let mankind be returned to Godkind. 

Let peace come forth in every mind. 
Let Love flow forth from every heart. 
Let forgiveness reign in every soul. 
Let understanding be the common bond. 

And now from the Light of the world, 
the One Presence and power of the Universe responds. 
The Activity of God is healing and harmonizing Planet Earth. 
Omnipotence is made manifest. 

I am seeing the salvation of the planet before my very eyes, 
as all false beliefs and error patterns are dissolved. 
The sense of separation is no more; the healing has taken place, 
and the world is restored to sanity. 

This is the beginning of Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all, 
as Love flows forth from every heart, 
forgiveness reigns in every soul, 
and all hearts and minds are one in perfect understanding. 

It is done. And it is so. 



Project: Eagle Triad was set up by Ashtar as a means for us to work with the Earth grids, aligning them and helping to change the mass consciousness of the planet. In other words, bringing more Light to mankind. This 5th-dimensional grid, as well as the others that have since been established, will assist in ushering in the higher frequencies for the cleansing of Mother Earth as well as transmuting the negative energies of fear, etc., from the mass consciousness grid. It is through this cleansing process that Mother Earth will begin her Ascension into the 5th dimension or beyond.

This Project, which is compliant with all Spiritual Paths, consists of doing three 5-minute meditations/visualizations each day, which are given to us from Ashtar, Sananda or others of the higher realms who are assisting us in this endeavor. These are not full-blown ‘alpha’ meditations, and are designed for even those who are new to meditation in general. These meditations may also be done at one 15-minute sitting if that is more convenient for you. At present, Sananda and Ashtar have everyone working on the same meditation each week, with each meditation being done for 7 days, after which time we are given a new one. As of now, we start each new set of visualizations on Mondays, but we send them out to each trinity of Sundays.

All those participating in this Project are grouped into ‘trinities’ (three people working together), however, the members of each trinity do NOT need to do the meditations at the same time as the others. Through their ‘intent’, their energies will all be sent ‘together’ to the appropriate grid. It is asked, however, that the members of each trinity stay in touch with each other via email or other means in order to facilitate the higher energetics of Group Mind/Group Heart. 

If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about ‘walking the talk’ and working your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and mankind, and would like to participate in Project: Eagle Triad, please email janisel(((@)))

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  1. I don’t think I’m alone with this caveat, the fact that, ‘I don’t personally know’ two more individuals who are awake and willing to perform a meditation trinity, lol. I of course, will participate in these meditations anyway. Thanks for taking the time to post this wonderful message.


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